Preventing the Breakdown of your Air Conditioning this Summer in Garland, TX

Preventing the Breakdown of your Air Conditioning this Summer in Garland, TX

Everyone wants their home temperature in moderate ranges in extreme weather conditions to have a comfortable family time. But, if air conditioning system is not working properly, especially in the summers of Garland, TX when the temperature can rise up to 100 degree Fahrenheit, then it becomes nearly unbearable to live without a working air conditioning unit.

There are various reasons why an air conditioning unit breaks down and one should know about them before the start of peak summer season so that they can get it fixed from a reputable and experienced air conditioning repair in Garland, TX

Leakage of Refrigerant

This is one of the most recurring problems that almost all air conditioning systems face after a long term usage. Refrigerants are green house gases that are used in the inner fittings of an air conditioning system for cooling purpose. The leak usually occurs due to continuous vibrations air conditioning units experience over time. Refrigerant leakage can also happen due to the weakening of joints of fitting and refrigerant tubing, hence making way for refrigerant gases to escape.

One can sense the leakage with a gradual decrease in the cooling capabilities of air conditioning units because the entire refrigerant doesn’t leak all at once. If you are experiencing that it is taking more time to cool your room then you should immediately call for the service of air conditioning repair in Garland, TX. With leakage of refrigerant, you will be having a hiked electric bill because your air conditioning system will not efficiently do its cooling job.

Many rooky air conditioning repairmen will just fill your air conditioning system with new refrigerant and it should be known that refrigerants are expensive. The durable solution for this problem which will be given by a reputed air conditioning repair in Garland, TX is to fix the loose joint and connections so that new filling of refrigerant wont leak away otherwise after couple of months, you will be needing another refrigerant filling with added up expenses.

Failure of contactor switch

Contractor switches are the customized relays which are used to supply the normal voltage rating to the air conditioning condenser (outer unit) for its functioning. Since contractors are always relaying high voltage ratings (above 200 volts) so they get burned if not replaced in time. In the event of contactor failure, the outer unit will face a voltage drop that can result in overheating of the parts and that can cause burned motors and wiring. Usually contactor switch needs replacement after 5 years and you can get it replaced from a seasoned provider of air conditioning repair in Garland, TX.

Contactors also get sticky with the flaking off its silver coating which can cause outer unit to run continuously that will come expensive and can also result in air conditioning failure. So it is better to check contractor’s surface after a while whether it is still intact and in case it’s not you can take guidance from a professional air conditioning repair in Garland, TX.

Grubby condenser coil

Condenser and evaporator coils work in tandem with the air conditioning system. But, condenser coils, since they are fitted in the in the condenser part (outer) of an air conditioning unit, are more exposed to the dirt and debris, because outer units are fitted outside. That is why it is very necessary to make sure a clean state of condenser coil because it helps refrigerant in dissipating the heat it sucks from inside of the house, and if the coil is dirty or condenser fins are not in shape then it will decrease the efficiency of the air conditioning system.

You should clean the condenser coil and check the shape of the fins after a while in order to increase the life of your air conditioning unit. If you think that you can harm the coil while cleaning then you should call for professional air conditioning repair in Garland, TX for the service of condenser unit.

Dirty air filter

There are different types of air filters which are installed with the inner unit of air conditioning system and they are used to increase the quality of indoor air which is contaminated by smoke, pollen, dust etc. The disposable type of air filters should be replaced monthly in daily usage of air conditioning from any good air conditioning repair in Garland, TX.

With a dirty air filter, not only indoor air quality will suffer, it will also lead to the restriction of air flow results in the inefficient cooling from air conditioning unit. The more serious consequence of a dirty air filter is a frozen evaporator coil and this situation can only be addressed by an experienced air conditioning repair in Garland, TX.

Clogged drain pipes

Drain pipes of air conditioning units are used to drain out the extra moisture in the inner atmosphere of your house to lessen the humidity. With time due to continuous exposure to the liquid, drain pipes start to grow algae and mold inside it and their accumulation can restrict the drain of excessive moist, which then could backflow in the air conditioning unit to cause damage. Usually clearing the clogged drain pipes is a part of seasonal tune-up of your air conditioning unit by air conditioning repair in Garland, TX.

Most of the above mentioned issues with air conditioning system arise when you pay less attention to the well being of it. With regular checkups and tune ups from a professional air conditioning repair in Garland, TX can help you in increasing the lifespan of your air conditioning unit while saving your valuable money on new air conditioning unit.

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