Most Common AC Problems : Here’s How a Heating and Air Condition Service in McKinney Can Help

Most Common AC Problems : Here’s How a Heating and Air Condition Service in McKinney Can Help

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Most problems in air conditioners in McKinney arise from faulty installation, below-standard service procedures, and lack of maintenance. It all starts with improper installation and ultimately culminates into other serious problems. People don’t realize how their choice of a heating and air condition service can impact the performance of their units.

On other occasions, some heating and air condition service contractors fail to match the manufacturer’s specifications. If the contractor doesn’t add adequate refrigerant charge during installation, the unit will fail to perform efficiently in McKinney. Moreover, it leads to further problems and worsens the existing problems in your AC unit.

In this article, we will discuss the most common AC problems in McKinney and how the right heating and air condition service can help.

Refrigerant Leaks

Air conditioners without adequate refrigerants is not uncommon. However, there isn’t a single reason behind it. As discussed before, one of the leading reasons why an AC unit runs out of refrigerant early is being undercharged during installation.

Another reason behind the lack of refrigerant is a leak. If the unit is leaking, then refilling it wouldn’t solve the problem. You can call an experienced heating and air condition service in McKinney to fix the leak, test it, and then refill it with refrigerant.

Homeowners in McKinney should never forget that AC units perform best when they match the specification of the manufacturer. If the heating and air condition service overcharge or undercharge refrigerants, it will affect the performance of your unit.

Refrigerant leaks are harmful to the environment, so don’t waste time fixing these leaks. Resolving leaks early on will prevent further damage to the unit but also stop excessive leaks into the environment. However, you must ensure that you request services of professional heating and air condition service in McKinney.

Electric Control Failure

If an AC unit switches on or off excessively, it can develop problems in its electrical section. The unit turns on or off on a regular basis when the unit is oversized. It can have adverse effects on the performance of the unit and create more problems for homeowners. When these issues carry on for long, it can make the compressor and fan controls wear out.

Besides that, corrosion of wiring and terminals can also arise in many systems. There can be a number of reasons behind such issues. To be sure, homeowners should call a heating and air condition service in McKinney to identify electrical problems in their units.

Sensor Issues

Most room ACs have a thermostat sensor, located behind its control panel. The sensor measures the temperature of the air coming towards the evaporative coil. After measuring it, the sensor adjusts the temperature and helps the unit operate optimally.

However, if this sensor shifts out of position, it can cause the unit to cycle repeatedly. Moreover, the unit will start to behave erratically. For the sensor to work, it should be near the coil without touching it. If you’re wary of getting your hands in an electrical appliance, call a heating and air condition service in McKinney instead.

The contractor will be able to adjust its position by bending the wire that holds it into place.

Drainage Problems

In humid weather, it’s common for the AC to suffer from drainage issues. It’s important to check the condensate drain every now and then to make sure it isn’t clogged.  Homeowners in McKinney should ensure that the AC has proper drainage. Room air conditioners fail to drain properly if they are not mounted level.

It’s also possible for your condensate drain to get damaged and leaks water inside the unit. On other occasions, the draining line can get damaged as well. If you are able to see water pooling near the AC unit, it’s probably because the unit is having draining problems. It’s ideal to call a heating and air condition service before the problem worsens and you have to deal with a major problem.

Neglecting Maintenance

Smart homeowners realize that everything needs maintenance to be 100%. Allowing filters and air coils to become dirty makes way for a number of problems. Dirty coils and clogged filters can cause the unit to shut down abruptly. More so, it can even make the unit inoperable until these components get cleaned.

Besides that, air conditioners have several parts that wear out over time. If you don’t hire experienced heating and air condition service in McKinney, you will risk your unit to premature failure. Neglecting crucial repairs and maintenance services damage the unit and lead to unavoidable, expensive repairs.

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