7 Reasons Why Ignoring Your AC Service Is Not a Good Idea | Air Conditioning Service in Dallas, TX

7 Reasons Why Ignoring Your AC Service Is Not a Good Idea | Air Conditioning Service in Dallas, TX

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Summer is just around the corner in Dallas. Kids are ready with their swimming suits, eager to jump in a pool of cool water to beat the Dallas heat. Summer can be quite hot in Dallas, especially in July and August. The temperature usually goes above 100 degrees. It is this time of the year where air conditioning is most required by residential users.

Before you start your air conditioners this summer, it’s a good idea to get air conditioning service done. Ignoring air conditioning service in Dallas, TX can cost you a lot. Here a few reasons why.

1. It Could Be Dangerous

According to the National Fire Protection Association, there were 7400 cases of fire reported due to faulty air conditioning or related equipment. These fire incidents caused 29 deaths and millions of worth of property damage.

One of the major causes identified was failure to keep the air conditioner clean. The other cause was existence of faulty parts in the air conditioning system. Both these causes could have been by far avoided if proper air conditioning service were done. Air conditioning service in Dallas, TX can charge you a few 100 dollars but it’s definitely less than risking your life.

2. Poor Efficiency

An air conditioner loses approximately 5% of its efficiency every year if it goes without service and maintenance. Regularly getting it checked with a professional service provider ensures that your unit runs on maximum efficiency, consumes optimal power and works faster. Poorly maintained units consume more power and take longer to cool a space.

3. Shorter Lifespan of Your AC

According to the US Department of Energy, the average life span of an air conditioning unit is between 15 – 20 years. But if you do not invest in regular maintenance and air conditioning service in Dallas, TX, you can expect your air conditioning unit to have a much shorter lifespan.

However, if you are diligent about maintenance and service of your air conditioning unit, you can expect a much longer life span.

4. Higher Electricity Cost

An air conditioning unit which is not appropriately maintained consumes more power. More power consumption means more electricity cost. So if you want to save on your electricity budget, try and invest in your air conditioning service in Dallas, TX.

5. Poor Air Quality

Since the climate is hot and humid in Dallas, the filter, vents and condenser coils need to be cleaned frequently and thoroughly. A clean coil and filter means less strain on your cooling system and better quality of air in your house.

An unmaintained air conditioning system is unable to control humidity in the air making the environment uncomfortable. Next time you don’t feel right in an air conditioned room, think about an air conditioning service provider in Dallas, TX.

6. Poor Sleep

Sleeping in a hot, humid environment can be uncomfortable. If your air conditioning unit is not working properly and the environment is just not right, it will affect your sleep cycle. Disturbed sleep means poor productivity of family members.

Poor productivity can reflect in many forms. Shorter attention spans for students. Lower productivity of employees. All of this is associated with poor sleeping patterns. If you invest in a reliable air conditioning service in Dallas, TX, much of the sleeping problems (related to climate) can be easily solved.

7. Furniture Deterioration

Heat and humidity in certain regions can damage wooden furniture. Wood and leather absorb moisture which eventually affects the look and texture of the furniture. Certain fabric also absorbs sweat stains and can be a permanent mark on your favorite furniture. Next time you buy furniture before summer, make sure you get air conditioning service as well so that your home can enjoy the new feel.

If you haven’t got your air conditioner checked yet don’t worry. You can always improve the efficiency of your unit by getting your air conditioning service in Dallas, TX from a trained professional. A reliable air conditioner service provider can change and clean the parts of your air conditioning unit and improve its cooling and efficiency.

Taking care of your air conditioning unit is not just critical before the start of summer season built it is equally important the end of summer season. Just like you prepare your air conditioning unit for summer, it is important to prepare of for winters. Harsh winter weather can damage the outer unit of the air conditioning system. Air conditioning service in Dallas, TX is equally important at the end of the summer season. It will improve the life of your machine, improve its efficiency and quality of its service.

Now that you know that ignoring your air conditioning service in Dallas, TX is not an option, you can always contact K&S Heating and Air. They provide excellent air conditioning solutions for commercial and residential customers. The company operates 24/7 in and around Dallas and send in trained and experience professionals to take care of your air conditioning unit. For more information contact 972-271-9319 or visit their website K&S Heating & Air.