Why You May Require an Air Conditioning Service in Irving, TX for Your Indoor Air Quality

Generally, air pollution comes as a subject when outdoor air is discussed such as smoke from factories and vehicles polluting the environment. However, you should also think about indoor air quality, a pollution which threatens your very home.

Such pollution is created because of different air contaminants which can seriously threaten the health of your family members. Therefore, contact a reliable air conditioning service in Irving, TX if you find any of the following air pollutants in your home.

Mold and Moisture

The growth of mold is caused by standing water. When homeowners are not careful enough in their cleaning chores, then naturally such issues are created. Moreover, humidity levels and a water leak are others factors behind standing water.

At first glance, mold may not seem too threatening; however, in reality it is known to affect the health of home dwellers badly. The combination of air and mold is a death flag as it can cause coughing, sneezing, and other respiratory related issues. Therefore, contact air conditioning service in Irving, TX so they can do something about improving the quality of air in your home.

Smoke from Cigarettes

Smokes from cigarette are always a bad element and puts a negative impact on your home’s air quality. Studies have revealed that cigarette smoke leads to children contracting allergies, asthma attacks, and other respiratory problems—many of which remain permanently. For adults, cigarette smoke can cause arguably the most dreaded disease of modern times: cancer. Similarly, it has been highlighted as a cause of heart diseases too.

In case you are a smoker, be aware that your habit is not only posing as a health risk for your own life but it can put your family in the harm’s way as well. Hence, prevent smoking in your home and hire an air conditioning service in Irving, TX so they can enhance indoor air quality in your home.

VOCs in Daily Products

Homeowners use healthcare products like soaps, performs, and moisturizing products with the intention of maintaining their health and protecting their bodies. However, this is not always the case. Research has indicated that around 15 VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from these products can pollute the air in your home.

Hence, have a reliable worker from an air conditioning service in Irving, TX to visit your home and let them check whether or not your home suffers from the same issue in order to ensure that the air quality in your home gets better.


Traditionally, mankind has always faced intrusion from pests, leading into harm to their food and homes. In order to combat this threat, pesticides were invented and were able to repel it successfully. With the passage of time, they were singled out as one of the reasons which can spoil the indoor air quality in homes.

When pesticides’ elements mix with air, they can affect nasal activities, eyes, and other human body organs. Hence, you need to use them sporadically. For efficient use of pesticides, strike a discussion with a reliable workman from an air conditioning service in Irving, TX.


Did you recently bring a dog or cat in your home? Do you think their presence has coincided with worsening of allergies for your family members?

Cats and dogs are known for shedding dander which then goes on to pollute the air. Individuals with asthmatic, breathing, and nasal issues often have dander as an allergen. As it is not possible to replace your dog or cat, you can ensure proper and frequent cleaning in your home to prevent dander from mixing up with the air. Additionally, call for air conditioning service in Irving, TX so they can make sure that your home’s air quality remains top-notch.


Usually, carpets don’t seem dangerous. However, after they can release harmful chemicals in your room. Symptoms of these chemicals include headaches, weakness, and sleepiness.

Have an eye on your children and see if they are playing too close to the carpet. Bear in mind that these chemicals are particularly harmful for kids. Therefore, create a ventilation solution for your home by hiring a professional from an air conditioning service in Irving, TX.

Dry Cleaners

Chemicals are used by dry cleaner for clothes without using any water. While they play an important role in improving your overall look, but keep in mind that these chemicals force your clothes to release harmful particles in the air—one which can be particularly bad for your pets.

There are certain rules and regulations in place which dictate that a number of these chemicals are prohibited for dry cleaners, but not everyone follows this rule to the tee. Therefore, if you sense that clothes are releasing a powerful odor then place a call to your dry cleaning service and inquire the reason. Additionally, have a dependable workman from an air conditioning service in Irving, TX come to your home so they can address the aftereffects from those chemicals and improve the quality of indoor air in your home.

Final Thoughts

Now you can understand how so many different factors can damage the quality of indoor air in your home. All of the above-mentioned elements are putting you and your family in the harm’s way. Therefore, you have to be wary regarding the quality of air in your home. As such, the best course of action is to hire an air conditioning service in Irving, TX—a company which is held in great esteem in the local circles. Contact K&S Heating and Air so we can visit your home and inspect it thoroughly to identify which air pollutants are damaging your indoor air quality. After locating them we will make sure to install a solution which can protect the quality of air in your home.




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