Need An Air Conditioner Repair Expert? Common Air Conditioner Problems | Rockwall, TX

Need An Air Conditioner Repair Expert? Common Air Conditioner Problems | Rockwall, TX

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Buying and installing heating and air conditioners is one of the major steps you can take to improve the comfort of your home. Since your Rockwall, TX home’s air conditioner plays a crucial role in improving indoor air quality and managing heat produced by other electrical appliances, you may need to pay more attention to the challenges you may encounter while using it.

Over three million HVAC units get repaired or replaced in the United States annually, resulting in over 14 billion dollars spent on heating and air conditioning repairs. Additionally, the United States Department of Energy estimates that about 50 percent of an average home’s energy consumption goes to heating and cooling, which is why HVAC systems should remain in tip-top condition all year round.

However, preventive HVAC maintenance, with the help of a trusted air conditioner repair professional can help reduce the amount of cash spent on heating and AC repairs. Here are some of the common air conditioner problems homeowners may experience.

Clogged or Dirty Filter

Just like any other regularly used household component, air filters may get dirty with time. Professionals advise that you clean your air filter regularly and replace it after its expiration date.

Air filters are vital in trapping dust and allergens that may enter your home’s HVAC system, increasing the unit’s lifespan and reducing the need for constant repairs. One of the easiest ways to identify clogged filter issues is poor airflow. However, contacting a trained air conditioner repair expert for air conditioning repair can help remedy the problem to ensure the AC stays in perfect working condition.

Low Refrigerant

Temperature fluctuations and improper functioning of the air conditioner are some of the consequences of low refrigerant levels. Constant leaks within the system can cause the refrigerant level to drop from its standard level, requiring it to be recharged.

In that case, you should ensure that all leaks are fixed to keep the system working efficiently. Also, maintaining the refrigerant at a standard level can ensure that the air conditioner stays in perfect shape. You should consult with an air conditioner repair professional to receive the right information concerning refrigerants.

The AC Unit Blowing Hot Air

Ideally, your home’s AC is supposed to handle your household’s cooling needs. So if it’s blowing hot air, you may have a serious AC issue on your hands. Improper or delayed maintenance might be the reason behind this malfunction.

An air conditioner that blows out hot air can obstruct the airflow in your home and with the Texas heat, homeowners in Rockwall, TX are bound to frown upon such situations. Outdoor units accumulating debris or freon levels dropping may also contribute to an air conditioner malfunction. Regardless, you should reach out to an air conditioner repair service for professional AC repair solutions.

Frozen Condenser Coils

The condenser coil, which is located inside the outdoor HVAC unit, can sometimes freeze up, negatively affecting how your home’s AC operates. The freezing up may accelerate due to various reasons, which include blocked air return ducts, dirty air filters, and low refrigerant levels. Fortunately, a professional in Rockwall, TX can help resolve the issue.

Unusual Odor

Loose electrical connections or overheating parts such as blower motors can result in unusual smells in the system. To counter the situation, you can ask your preferred AC technician to replace the air filter. Sometimes, the unusual burning smell may come from the duct. Under such situations, you should immediately contact an air conditioner repair professional near you for timely assistance.

Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring poses a great risk to your air conditioner and the entire home. Specifically, faulty wires can trigger house fires, and that’s why they should be repaired without delay. Additionally, they can trip the circuit breaker, which can start a fire in your home. To prevent such scenarios, you should schedule an appointment with an experienced air conditioner repair professional that can help troubleshoot and fix the problem.

Indoor and Outdoor Water Leaks

If you notice water leaking from your air conditioner’s indoor unit, the drain system may be blocked due to algae or fungi growth, resulting in water build-up inside the pipe, which eventually finds its way into your home. A broken condensate pan and dry air filter, especially during the hot summer season, can be considered as the main culprits behind outdoor AC water leaks. If this happens, a professional can help restore your AC’s operational efficiency.

Poorly Set Thermostats

You can program your home’s thermostats to maintain comfortable temperatures when you’re at home and decrease them when you’re away. The thermostat should always be set appropriately if you want to save on cost and prevent the engine from overheating. You can request helpful tips from an expert near you.

Electric Control Failure

During the summer months, the air conditioner switches on and off more frequently, causing the compressor and fans to wear out with time. In such situations, you may need an air conditioning service provider to repair the worn-out components.

Malfunctioning Fuses and Breakers

Faulty fuses and breakers can interfere with the proper working of your home’s air conditioning system. These components are often put in place to keep your air conditioner’s compressor and motor from overheating. If you suspect that your AC may be having a faulty breaker, you should consult with a plumbing service for comprehensive solutions.

Faulty Fan

The external AC fan is responsible for transmitting the heat from your house to the outside air. If it’s experiencing a malfunction, you may be left stuck in a hot room, even with the air conditioning still running. Besides that, the air conditioner’s compressor can overheat due to this phenomenon. A proficient air conditioner repair professional can help find an effective repair or replacement option.

Obstructed Drain Line

As your air conditioner cools down your home, it often requires a place to release the accumulated moisture. That’s where the role of the drain line comes in. If the AC’s drainage system is blocked, the moisture remains inside the system, resulting in components overheating. Luckily, a reliable air conditioner repair service can check the issue and fix it accordingly.

The Air Conditioner Running Constantly

The air conditioner cycling more often than normal may be understandable, especially during hot weather. Continuous running of the air conditioner may be due to a faulty thermostat. Fortunately, a well-trained air conditioner repair professional can fix the problem.

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