Our Customers Have A Warm Feeling About Our Air Conditioner Repair Company | Sachse, TX

Our Customers Have A Warm Feeling About Our Air Conditioner Repair Company | Sachse, TX

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WIth solid experience, over a century combined, serious integrity, and top customer service when you call and when we visit, our customers have confidence when they work with us. At K&S Heating & Air, we’re the air conditioner repair company homeowners in Sachse, TX count on to keep them cool with friendly, professional service. Our team arrives in well-stocked vans with highly skilled technicians. They’re ready to diagnose and repair problems with your outdoor unit or indoor equipment, from older model single-speed compressors to late-model smart units with intelligent control and multiple speeds for efficiency. Whatever your AC unit type is, or even if you aren’t sure, we’ve prepared our team to take care of it.

Air Conditioning System Components

Your air conditioning system has an inside part and an outside part, and connections between the two to bring cool liquid inside to the evaporator from the condenser outside. When our air conditioner repair company people talk with you, on the phone or in person, about services to be provided, we’re going to communicate as clearly as possible about what’s going on and what part of your system needs attention. If your system is older, we may also make some recommendations about upgrades that can actually provide savings over time due not only to fewer repairs than older equipment might need but increased efficiency that can be substantial. We want you to be informed, and we’re glad to answer your questions.

An Air Conditioner Repair Company That Focuses on Maintenance

When maintenance can help you avoid repairs, that’s definitely the way to go. We recommend regular maintenance for lubrication and testing of motors and compressors, making sure they’re ready for the cooling season to come. We also emphasize cleaning the condenser and its fins, maximizing the efficiency that it can provide in cooling your home. A year of sitting outside can bring all sorts of material inside your air conditioner unit, from dirt and grass clippings blown inside to sticks and other material that storms blasted in. This can increase the wear on mechanical components and reduce the cooling of the components as they operate. Our air conditioner repair company people will also check the lines into the house to make sure they’re secure and intact, and make sure that your refrigerant is at the right level for good operation. Inside the house, we’ll clean and tend to your evaporator, make sure your fans and belts are in good shape, and check your ducts as well.

Duct Cleaning Is Effective Maintenance

One way to keep your air clean as it circulates in your HVAC system, and reduce the cooling and fan load as well, is to have a periodic duct cleaning service from our air conditioner repair company. Ducts carry the air that’s blown through your system, distributing it through vents in various rooms to cool your home. Over time, they accumulate the material that’s in the air which clings to their metal sides, gathering in greater volume until they form large pads of dust and other material that can significantly reduce the space inside where air can blow. Of course, the material inside sometimes breaks off and becomes airborne, affecting your health and comfort as you breathe it in, especially those with allergies or respiratory conditions. Duct cleaning provides a reset, pulling all that material out into transport containers and cleaning the insides.

Adding Air Quality Components to Your HVAC System

One way to reduce the adherence of material to your ducts and increase your air quality further is by adding components to your system that process or treat the air. One of the most common is humidifier and dehumidifier components, allowing you to select your comfort level and have the system keep it there, whether there’s hot humid air outside or cold dry air. Our air conditioner repair company also offers HEPA filters that go far beyond the built-in filter your system has. If you have HEPA filter units in various rooms already to help with respiratory conditions or other concerns, you’ll have whole-house HEPA filtering with these add-on units, so you won’t have to chase down replacement filters for each type of unit you have throughout the house. In addition, inspired by the UV air disinfection in use in doctor’s offices and foodservice spaces, our air conditioner repair company can install a UV unit that processes your home’s air as it passes through your HVAC system, helping to reduce pathogens in the air.

When It’s Time to Upgrade, as Your Air Conditioner Repair Specialists We Know What Works Best

Since our team spends their days maintaining and repairing air conditioner systems, they know a thing or two about what makes units reliable, efficient, and effective at cooling your home. Our team can help you understand the wide variety of systems now available, and how you can meet your goals of reliability, efficiency, and comfort to select the right one for you. For example, you might want to consider multi-speed compressor units for efficiency, but also because they help your system cool you gently, rather than blasting with cold air. You can count on us to help.

Your Local, Customer-Focused Air Conditioner Repair Company in Sachse, TX

At K&S Heating & Air, we take good care of our Sachse, TX customers with expert care and advice. Our team is skilled at maintaining and repairing many kinds of air conditioning units, providing the resources you need to stay cool and also keep your energy bills down. When it comes time for you to upgrade or replace your unit, we provide honest advice and clear explanations of the benefits of each type of unit so you’ll enjoy the one you select in the future. There are so many advances in the field of air conditioning, we’ll have a lot to talk about. Give us a call and make us your air conditioner repair company today.