Air Conditioning Service: 4 Signs It May Be Time For AC Repair Or Service | Rockwall, TX

Air Conditioning Service: 4 Signs It May Be Time For AC Repair Or Service | Rockwall, TX

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If you like being comfortable during the summer months, then you need to look into booking an air conditioning service. Service is the number one way to ensure that your home stays cool without any unplanned breaks in Rockwall, TX. Believe it or not, most unexpected breakdowns are preventable with proper air conditioner service because they are usually a case of broken or damaged components. Troubleshoot the broken pieces and you troubleshoot the actual problem and can spend the summer hiding inside of your home without sweating one bit.

Of course, not everyone is aware of how beneficial air conditioning service is because being a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibilities. It can seem overwhelming to keep up with all of the recommended preventive services and still have time for the rest of life. While most homeowners pick and choose which ones they want to worry about air conditioner service should always make your shortlist. After all, due to the harsh summers, your home will become practically unlivable if you are not proactive about keeping your AC in the best condition possible.

What Happens During Typical Air Conditioner Service?

If you have never had an air conditioning service before, some of your reluctance might be tied to not really understanding what the purchase of AC service is. At its most basic, an AC service involves an HVAC tech inspecting your entire HVAC system from head to toe and then writing a formal report that details what they found. In this way, you can consider your AC service a chance to actually see inside the walls of your system to see how everything is holding up.

This is extremely useful because if an HVAC tech notices a component that is wearing down or damaged they can recommend that you change it before it breaks down completely. Once one component goes it usually increases the workload of all other components which will increase your energy bills and cause damage to other pieces. On the other hand, if you replace it before the final break, you skip more damage and higher energy bills. You also avoid an unexpected breakdown when the stress becomes too much on your system and the entire thing shuts down. In fact, that is one of the major benefits of scheduling an air conditioner service in Rockwall, TX.

Another major benefit is that the air quality in your home should improve after the service is complete. As part of your service, the technician will clean every component, nook, and cranny in your AC unit while they inspect and look through it. This includes every piece on the inside of your home from the compressor to the thermostat, and the outdoor unit which may be full of normal debris like leaves and sticks or in some cases, even rodents. It is actually not uncommon for rodents to take up residence in outdoor units leaving behind droppings and chewing wires.

After everything is cleaned, you can be sure that the air circulating through your home is free of dust, dirt, and bacteria as well. This should help household members that have asthma and allergies, and can even help those who don’t. People, in general, are at lower risk for respiratory illnesses like colds and the flu if the air they breathe on a regular basis is clean. Therefore, clean air is a bonus from the air conditioner service that everyone in your home will benefit from, and you probably won’t mind not having to dust as frequently as you usually did before the AC service.

Signs You Need Air Conditioner Service

Not sure if you should worry about an air conditioning service or not? If you have not had your system serviced within the year then this alone is a sign that it is time. In fact, most HVAC manufacturers require you to have an air conditioning service at least once a year or your warranty will be void. This alone is a good argument for booking an air conditioning service because an HVAC system is too high-dollar of an appliance to lose your warranty on over a small, inexpensive visit. Time alone is not the other sign however, here are a few more.

You Are Hearing Odd Noises

As a basic rule of thumb, your AC system should not make any noises, so if it does then it is time to get someone into your home to look into it. Some noises like squealing or whistling are very concerning and you may want to even consider booking an emergency HVAC visit because a breakdown may be imminent. At the very least more damage could ensue if you wait. Other small noises still need attention, but can potentially wait a few days until an HVAC professional is available for an air conditioning service. When in doubt it is always best to call and get a professional opinion.

Dust Seems to Be Everywhere

Does it seem like you clean your home and the dust is instantly back? Are you fighting an epic battle to keep your home clean that no one seems to be winning? There is a good chance the dust is coming from inside your HVAC system, which means it may be time for air conditioning repair.

Your Energy Bills Are Rising

As mentioned, when your HVAC system is not clean or has broken or damaged pieces it draws more energy which increases your energy bills. Homes that keep up with their annual AC repair have lower energy bills compared to those that don’t. The easiest way to make your summer energy bills more affordable in Rockwall, TX is by keeping up with your air conditioning service.

Your AC Is Not Cooling as Well as it Used Too

Finally, sometimes you may not notice anything other than the fact that your AC does not seem to be cooling your home as well as it used to. If you notice it is cycling more, there is more humidity in the air, or it is running all of the time and you still are not cool it is time to call an HVAC company. K&S Heating & Air can help troubleshoot your problems in a quick and efficient fashion. Call us today and we will create a personalized air conditioning service solution for your home.