What Kind Of Cooling System Do You Have? Air Conditioner Repair In The 21st Century | Rockwall, TX

What Kind Of Cooling System Do You Have? Air Conditioner Repair In The 21st Century | Rockwall, TX

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At K&S Heating and Air, our team is well-trained and experienced in the wide range of air conditioning systems homes have these days. As we visit homes in Rockwall, TX, we know we may find an old-school basic central air unit with a compressor chugging along, a heat pump based system, a ductless mini-split system, hybrid systems, geothermal, smart systems with multi-speed operations, and much more. However you keep your home cool, chances are we’re the air conditioner repair company you need to keep it running efficiently. Inside your home, we’re your go-to team for keeping your air handling systems running including ducts, blowers, humidity control, disinfection, HEPA filters, the list goes on. Smart controls manage the system in many homes, and our technicians know how to work with them for the best results.

Keeping on Top of Your Cooling Systems with Regular Maintenance

Cooling systems work hard to provide you and your family with comfortable air in the summertime, and maintenance keeps those hard-working components at their best. Even as control and distribution systems get more sophisticated, the basic motors, compressors, fans, and refrigerant lines remain similar and require routine care from our air conditioner repair team such as lubrication, damage repair, parts replacement as time passes, and inspection and testing. Parts like the fins on the outdoor unit need to be cleaned and straightened, and any suspicious noises such as rapping or banging should be investigated. If your outdoor cooling unit has been damaged by storms, it’s important to have our air conditioner repair personnel make sure it’s still operating normally and doesn’t need attention.

Indoor Air Distribution and Quality Components

Once the coolant reaches your evaporator unit indoors, the air distribution from there can be as old as the house. These components also need attention from our air conditioner repair team, from evaporator repairs and maintenance to fan care and duct cleaning. The efficiency of your air conditioning system will drop off over time if the system is not maintained, so it’s worth doing both for longevity and cost savings. The same goes for any air quality enhancements you have installed, such as humidity control and high-end filtration such as HEPA units. Keeping everything air passes through as clean as possible is critical for ensuring that dust, pollen, other allergens, and even mold and other pathogens aren’t circulated throughout your home.

Duct Cleaning Service Keeps Your System Clean and Efficient

Every few years or as needed, your duct system should receive a thorough cleaning by a professional duct cleaning service. They know how to reach deep down and clean to the bare surface without making a mess of your house. There’s a lot of material that accumulates in the typical duct system, often producing a thick fabric-like lining on the walls of the ducts. Cleaning this off helps air to circulate and keeps other materials from the lining from breaking free and circulating with your air. Duct cleaning is one of the most essential air conditioner repair and maintenance services for your health.

New Energy Efficient Units

It’s exciting to see all the new energy-saving air conditioning units that are on the market now, from specialized technologies like geothermal to traditional air conditioning units that now have multi-speed compressors and advanced control systems to help them adjust to your family’s needs. With more adaptive equipment, your family can stay cool without the alternating blasts of cold air and silence that older systems featured. Now, systems operate more in moderation, keeping your temperature steadier and using a lighter, more energy efficient touch. Our air conditioner repair teams enjoy working on these because their efficiency also results in less wear and tear on the components. In addition, many homes now have zoned ducting systems and advanced thermostats to further reduce the demand on the cooling system.

Zoned Ducting Makes a Big Difference

Most older comfort systems have one set of ducts carrying cool air throughout your home, and one thermostat in a central location to control the air conditioning system and try to adjust the temperature to what you desire. These systems need more air conditioner repair visits because the cooling works harder to keep the whole house at a given temperature. The first stage of saving energy for many homes is an intelligent thermostat that at least sets a day and night target temperature automatically, using AC energy only when needed. Zone-based systems divide the home so this temperature control is in effect for each zone, with the ducting covering individual zones rather than the whole house. This lets you keep unused areas of the home from receiving unnecessary cooling, resulting in significant energy savings. Because this also results in less demand on the cooling unit, our repair team often has less work to do to keep them in good repair.

Smart Home Control and Energy Savings

The concepts behind smart home control of your heating and cooling systems can be complicated to understand, but the effect is clear: homeowners are more comfortable and save on energy costs. Smart home controls use sensors and specialized controls to learn about where cooling is needed and how the need can be reduced. For example, the system can route cooling to keep visitors in the living room comfortable, and meanwhile close the blinds automatically to keep the sun’s rays out. Modern technology is expanding our team’s work.

For Air Conditioner Repair, Maintenance, and Upgrades, K&S Heating & Air Serves Rockwall, TX

Our expert team of air conditioner repair technicians is ready to service your air conditioning systems, with parts and training for the diverse variety of cooling systems available today. We’re quick to repair your Rockwall, TX HVAC system when you need it, and we recommend periodic maintenance and duct cleaning from our team, especially in the “off season.” Give us a call and get to know us, we can help you stay cool this summer.