Noises That Call for Air Conditioning Service in Dallas, TX

Noises That Call for Air Conditioning Service in Dallas, TX

Today’s air conditioners are literally quieter than they have ever been. We have become used to how they operate in such a quiet manner, that any noise that comes from them is a big sign of concern for us. Some homeowners tend to ignore these noises and think that the air conditioned is maybe equipped with methods to look after these noises by itself. However, this isn’t the truth, and in all actuality, noises coming from your air conditioning system can indicate towards an air conditioning repair in Dallas, TX.

Ignoring the often mysterious and questionable noises coming from your air conditioning system may mean that you will eventually have to bear major expenses for minor issues. A noise coming from your air conditioner could require anything, from a simple tune up to a very costly repair. In worst case scenarios, you might even have to replace the whole unit. However, we don’t plan to scare you off, which is why we will cut to the chase and will get right down to the common noises coming from your air conditioning system and what they might mean.


A banging noise coming from your air conditioner system may more often than not mean that there is a broken or a loose part inside the compressor system. The broken or loose part could either be a connecting rod, a crankshaft or a piston pin. Regardless of what part needs replacement within the system, it is necessary that you don’t take a banging noise casually and ignore it. A banging noise can be an indication towards something serious as an unbalanced indoor blower as well. In most cases, if you ignore these banging noises, you will have to eventually pay for a compressor replacement.


A clanking noise from within the air conditioning system is another indication of a loose part within the system. This noise will occur when one or more parts within the system have failed and the compressor has become loose. This means that you will have to arrange for a replacement. Moreover, this sound can also mean that your outdoor fan and indoor blower are out of balance. The outdoor fan can especially be suspected here, since its blades can hit other parts when it comes out of place. It is necessary that you take note of these issues and call for an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX when they occur. Ignoring the problem will mean that these problems will get worse and might even deem the system useless over time.


Now, you have to be careful with noticing this specific sound. The clicking of all electrical components when the air conditioner is started up or when it is shutdown is quite normal, but constant clicking is something that you should try to notice. Constant clicking, while the air conditioner is turned on, may point towards a failing thermostat or a defective control system. There are many electronic items within your system, which is why you should be careful to take note of such noises. One faulty electronic item can soon initiate problems in another, which can happen if you don’t look at this problem straight away. Ignoring the noise may even mean that you will end up with a faulty compressor, not worthy of being used again.


One of the most common noises coming from an air conditioning unit is that of a buzz. A buzzing noise can point towards many things in general, and we have made a list of some of these faults. Go through them and call for an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX because all of these faults can make your system go down.

  • Loose Parts
  • The motor for your outdoor fan is about to fail or is loose
  • Debris in the outdoor or the indoor unit
  • Fan blades are out of balance or are loose
  • Condenser coil needs some instant cleaning
  • The copper coils on the outside are constantly rubbing against something here
  • The air filter desperately needs to be changed
  • The blower is out of balance
  • Refrigerant leaks may lead to your air conditioner not providing the necessary amount of cooling required


Noises such as squeaking, squealing and rattling may be coming from your blower or fan and are transmitted usually through the duct system. The motors for the systems outdoor fans and indoor blower tend to squeal loudly when they need a repair job. It is necessary that you get an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX as soon as you hear these noises because failure to get the job done may leave you with bigger concerns. The fan belt also tends to squeal or squeak if it is not well oiled or has fallen out of place. Moreover, you should be able to tell if the noise you’re hearing is continuous or comes every once a while. Make note of the patterns and outline them in front of your professional serviceman to let him know what’s up.


If you hear a shrill, high-pitched noise of screaming or whistling, then chances are that something really important has gone faulty. It is important that you shut your system off here and call a professional for an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX right away. The most common source of this screaming or whistling noise is a refrigerant leak, which does not only restrict your air conditioner system from performing at its full potential, but also presents a safety hazard for your family. If your air conditioning system goes off by itself, then consider this as a good job, because the sensors inside are doing their job and have turned the conditioner off for safety.

Since air conditioners are complicated for most people to understand, it is extremely necessary that you get only professionals involved. K&S Heating and Air have some of the best professionals working for them, and you can always go to them for an emergency repair air conditioning service.