Telltale Signs That You Need an Air Conditioner Repair in Dallas, TX

Telltale Signs That You Need an Air Conditioner Repair in Dallas, TX

Although, it isn’t really difficult to tell when your air conditioning system may be in need of repairs, some people do not take the signs seriously and neglect the job that they should be doing at the word ‘go’. Since the cooling from an air conditioner is considered to be very subjective, at times some homeowners fail to differentiate between whether their air conditioner really isn’t working or is it all in their head. This belief is further amplified by DIY hacks on social media that make the users believe that there isn’t anything wrong with their air conditioning system, and even if there is something wrong, they can probably handle it by themselves.

The best way to fight the summer heat and to stay tall against it is by having your air conditioner on during all times of the day. But, what can you do if your air conditioning system isn’t doing the job that you have determined for it? This is when you need to take things seriously and get an air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX from an experienced professional.

Here we have signs to help you pinpoint when your air conditioner isn’t working well, and what you can do about it.

No Cool Air

Well, this is a given. The best sign to find out that your air conditioning system isn’t doing its job is by obviously assessing the cool air coming out of it. What’s the main purpose of the air conditioning system during the summer season? To provide cool air, right? So, the best criteria for measuring its performance should obviously be based on the cool air it provides.

At some point in time you might feel that your air conditioning system isn’t doing what it is supposed to do. Even when you rev the thermostat at full blast, the air coming out is barely cool and is not doing the job. Lack of cool air can signal towards many repairs in your air conditioning system. The most common repair that is needed in such circumstances is in the compressor, so you have to be ready for that eventually.

Poor Air Flow

At times, the problem in your air conditioning may not have anything to do with cool air, but with the poor air flow. The air coming out of the vents may be cool, but it may not have the pressure that it previously had. This poor air pressure will mean that your house will remain warm and the conditioner may not be able to do anything about the temperature.

The first repair that might be required here will pertain to the compressor. The compressor is responsible for the flow of cold air and if the air is not cold or lacks pressure, then the compressor can be held accountable. However, the compressor isn’t the only suspect in such a case. For instance, if some rooms within your home are getting the requisite air flow, while others are not, then the problem definitely lies in the duct work. Over time, there is a high chance of debris accumulating across the surface of your vent. Not only will this accumulation of debris obstruct the flow of air, but it will also pose a serious health hazard for you and your family. Getting the ducts cleaned can put an end to this problem for you.

Thermostat Problems

At times, the problem in your air conditioning system may have nothing to do with the unit itself. The problem in such cases often lies in the thermostat, as you try to see what’s wrong with the system. Thermostat problems can occur over time, and the best way to find them out is by checking the temperature in different parts of your house. If one part of your house remains cold, while the other is hot, then there is definitely a problem with your thermostat. Get an air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX ASAP in such circumstances to avoid further damages.


One of the most common signs that homeowners have witnessed when their air conditioning system needs repair is the presence of moisture or leakages around or near the system. Leaks from your air conditioning system usually occur because of two major reasons.

In serious cases, the water leaking from the system could be a refrigerant. Refrigerant leaks can cause serious health hazards for you and those near you. It is necessary that you get an air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX once this happens, because you wouldn’t want the refrigerant leaking around in the open.

Water pools near your air conditioning system can also mean that a drain tube for disposing of water from the condenser may have been blocked or leaked. This does not present a major cause of concern, but it is still good for you to get this problem checked before it creates other problems like mold growth.

Strange Sounds

Strange sounds coming from your air conditioning system can signal towards a long list of things. These noises usually indicate that your conditioning system isn’t performing the way that it should be and maybe it is time for you to finally get an air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX. Failure to get the unit repaired may eventually lead to a pricey breakdown.

A squealing sound coming from your air conditioning system may mean that the belt isn’t in place and has slipped out of its place. A squealing sound may also mean that metal components in your air conditioning unit may need maintenance or lubrication. Similarly, a grinding sound can also signal towards a lot of problems. One of the most common reasons behind a grinding sound is that your motor bearings may have broken down. This may require a basic air conditioner repair job in Dallas, TX.

Getting an air conditioner repair job in Dallas, TX may require the assistance of some of the best professionals in town. You can get in touch with K&S Heating and Air for getting the most experienced professionals.