Not All Air Conditioning Service Needs Are Catastrophic | Richardson, TX

Not All Air Conditioning Service Needs Are Catastrophic | Richardson, TX

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Not all Air Conditioning Service needs are catastrophic. Most repairs we see are minor repairs, but that’s not to say we do not see major repairs needed. Oftentimes we service minor needs like a miscalibrated thermostat. Yet sometimes small issues are just warning signs of more serious bigger issues, which is why we recommend having even small issues seen by a qualified service technician. K&S Heating & Air has serviced all makes and models and all types of repairs from big to small.

How do you know when it is time to make the call to K&S Heating & Air? For one, you do not want to wait for small problems to become big problems. Dealing with minor repairs today could save you from having to do major repairs later on. Small AC unit problems can quickly become major issues needing expensive Air Conditioning Service. You should never assume that a small issue is small, only a professional AC expert can tell for sure. What signs should you be looking for when it is time to make that call for an air conditioning expert? Let’s examine all of the telltale signs, shall we?


1.  Low Cooling Output

This is one of the top signs that you need Air Conditioning Service. If your air conditioner won’t actually cool down the house something is wrong. Your home is supposed to be kept at an even cool temperature. Low cooling output can be caused by a variety of factors, ranging from minor to very serious. One of the more serious causes of low cooling output is a refrigerant leak. If you’re losing refrigerant, it means something serious is wrong. Another possible cause of low cooling output is a clogged up air filter. The air filter is meant to protect your system from dirt, debris, mold, and bacteria that can damage your AC components. Airflow can be impacted when the air filter is clogged. If you have low cooling output call a professional AC service today.


2.  Low Airflow

Low airflow can be caused by a number of issues. Your air conditioner’s blower could be broken, or you could be dealing with holes or tears in your ductwork. Your home has many feet’ worth of ductwork so if it’s your ductwork it can be tricky to find out on your own exactly where the leak is. The highly trained and experienced Air Conditioning Service experts at K&S Heating and Air of Richardson, TX can quickly determine the cause of your low airflow and fix the issue before it becomes a more serious issue.


3.  Thermostat Troubles

This issue is one of the easiest to solve. While easy to solve the thermostat is one of the vital parts of your HVAC system. Most of us do not give the thermostat a second thought. Your thermostat is the brains of your HVAC system. If your system won’t turn on or off it could be your thermostat to blame. Another telltale sign of a faulty thermostat is when the recorded temperature does not correspond to the temperature your feeling in your home. If one or more rooms have an uneven temperature your thermostat may be to blame. Thankfully the fix for this problem is a rather easy one requiring only minor Air Conditioning Service. Most times a part of it can be replaced, or you can simply upgrade your thermostat to a newer model.


4.  Your AC Run Time Is Different

If your AC is cycling oddly, especially during peak season, you may be having a serious issue. If your AC used to cycle regularly but now is only cycling in short bursts you’re dealing with short cycling. Short cycling is when your AC unit turns on but only runs a short amount of time before shutting down. It can do this several times per hour and leads to a very inefficient HVAC system. Only a qualified Air Conditioning Service expert can diagnose the root cause of the issue and make effective repairs.


5.  Your Utility Bills Are Too High

If your utility bills are higher this season than they were last season, and you had no significant rise in your energy rates, you may be dealing with a faulty AC unit. You might want to talk to your neighbors and see what their energy bills are running. If yours is significantly higher, and you have had no rate increase, and your bill is higher than this time last year you’re likely dealing with a repair issue requiring a qualified Air Conditioning Service expert. The professionals at K&S Heating & Air can help you figure out if your ac unit is to blame.

6.  Strange Noises

Your AC unit should not be making strange noises. If you hear a loud shrieking noise this is no good. This can be the sign of a motor problem or a simple problem with a motor bearing that is worn down. If you hear a grinding noise this too can be a sign of motor issues. Oftentimes this grinding is due to the motor having dust in it or too little lubrication. If you happen to smell an acrid scent emanating from your vents or unit, turn off the AC unit. Rattling is a sound you should never hear, it could be anything from bent blades to lose components being blown around in your system. If you hear a hissing sound this is the sound of you losing refrigerant. Only a qualified Air Conditioning Service expert can diagnose the exact cause of the noises coming from your AC unit. The professionals at K&S Heating & Air can easily make the repairs needed.

If you are experiencing any of these warning signs call in the professionals at K&S Heating & Air of Richardson, TX today! We have decades of experience behind us and thousands of satisfied customers. Don’t let small issues become larger issues requiring expensive repairs. Call our Air Conditioning Service experts today for an AC tune-up and help to prevent damage from occurring in the first place.