Planning Your Air Conditioner Repair And Maintenance To Be Ready For The Next Cooling Season | Wylie, TX

Planning Your Air Conditioner Repair And Maintenance To Be Ready For The Next Cooling Season | Wylie, TX

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Air conditioner repairs that may seem like a sudden failure are often the endpoint of a progressive failure that occurred over time. This can be due to things such as a motor wearing out, a compressor that’s at the end of its service life, belts and hoses that have aged, or a drain that needs cleaning. Much of the time it’s possible to anticipate these problems by thoroughly checking the unit during off-season maintenance, in the fall before closing it up for winter, or in the spring getting it ready to run. When our air conditioner repair team at K&S Heating and Air identifies a potential problem in a customer unit in Wylie, TX, we can let them know and fix it on the spot or schedule a convenient repair time, taking care of a potential summertime failure while the family isn’t relying on the unit to keep them cool. Not every repair can be predicted, but it’s certainly worthwhile to do what we can, leaving summertime air conditioner repair calls for the unexpected.

Belts, Hoses, Filters, and Other Regularly Replaced Maintenance Items

Maintenance items like belts, hoses, and filters not only keep your system operating reliably and efficiently, they also reduce wear on other system components like fan and compressor motors. In the process of making these replacements, our air conditioner repair team can also check related items such as motor condition, making sure that motors are still turning freely and not showing signs of bearing wear or excessive power draw that could indicate it’s nearing the end of its service life. When we replace air filters, we may note if your system could use a duct system cleaning, which we normally perform every few years to keep your ventilation efficient and your air healthy.

Cleanup for Efficiency, Performance, and Reliability

Since your air conditioner repair team is taking care of both your system’s operation and its ability to provide healthy cooled air for your family, cleaning is a critical part of maintenance. This includes everything from getting the blown-in dust and plant material out of your outdoor unit to cleaning and straightening coils and fins, ensuring that no creatures have taken up residence, and, if any evidence of that is found, checking for damage beyond nest-building that they may have done. Inside, condenser drain cleaning is important, as you can get some pretty unhealthy growth happening in the stagnant water if it doesn’t drain properly. Indoor components need to be cleaned of dust and debris as well, and filters and ducts as mentioned before. Cleaning also provides another chance to inspect the system thoroughly and note any concerns along the way.

Electrical Checkup of Motors and Control Systems

In addition to checking motor mechanical operation, we check electrical connections and wiring to ensure that they aren’t damaged from wear or overheating. Connectors should be firmly in place, so they’ll stay there when your unit is working hard over the summer. Our air conditioner repair team will also check control systems and relays, to make sure that everything is functioning normally, no signs of arcing or other damage from electrical operations, and measurements within normal ranges. These are the systems that control motors and other components, and cycle frequently during unit operation.

Critical Components that Keep the Coolant Flowing and Cold

Coolant pipes and connections should be checked by our air conditioner repair team while performing maintenance to ensure that they are in good shape and without leaks, but also to ensure that they are well insulated where needed, to make sure that cooling energy spent by the outdoor unit makes it inside to cool your home. Both the coils, fins, and refrigerant outside, and the corresponding components inside need to be checked, cleaned, and serviced if there are any leaks or valve problems.

Have You Been Having Icing Problems?

Sometimes there’s not enough airflow to keep ice from forming on the coils that normally cool your air on the way to your vent system. This can be the result of a blocked air filter, drain problems, refrigerant issues, or even a malfunctioning thermostat that’s working your system too hard. These items should be checked during routine maintenance, but make sure to tell your technician if you know you’ve had icing trouble or times when your system didn’t cool that could be an indication of ice blocking the airflow.

Checking Optional Accessory Units

There are plenty of ways to enhance the quality of your cooled or heated air by using attachments for your ventilation system. One popular duo is humidifier and dehumidifier pairs, working together to keep your moisture level just right whether you’re heating or cooling. In fact, though air conditioning does dehumidify the air some, controlling the level of humidity is best done explicitly through these devices. Our air conditioner repair team can also check your HEPA air filtration system and replace the filter, make sure your UV germ treatment light is in good shape and replace the bulb if needed, and maintain any other devices we have installed on your system.

Don’t Forget Your Ducts

It bears repeating, clean ducts play an important part in your indoor comfort and wellbeing. Uncleaned ducts can actually narrow considerably, making your system work harder to push air around and cool your house, while also releasing dust, allergens, and germs back into the air as it circulates, along with other organisms that may have grown there. A thorough cleaning every few years gets rid of all that.

Your Expert Air Conditioner Repair Team at K&S Heating & Air Has Your Wylie, TX Comfort In Mind

Planning your maintenance and repairs has many benefits, most of all-knowing you can have more confidence in your Wylie, TX cooling system throughout the summer, even if it is older. Getting identified repairs done before the summer also helps avoid disruptions during summer. Give us a call and schedule your appointment.