The Air Conditioning Service Experts You’ll Call For Emergencies And Keep For Repairs And Maintenance | Garland, TX

The Air Conditioning Service Experts You’ll Call For Emergencies And Keep For Repairs And Maintenance | Garland, TX

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If your cooling system quits in the heat of the summer and you don’t have a regular air conditioning service, you probably found us by our great reviews and depth of experience, so welcome. We’d like to encourage you to keep our number handy for any other heating and air conditioning services you’ll need, and to schedule regular maintenance for your systems. We’re K&S Heating & Air, serving Garland, TX with reliable, professional air conditioning service with an eye towards the prevention of summer problems and failures. Our years in the business have helped us understand how to tend to your heating and cooling knowing what typically needs servicing at about what age, making it easier for you to live a peaceful, comfortable life with a system that takes good care of you.

Our Emergency Response Technicians and Their Vehicles Are Ready for Your Call

As a highly trained and well-prepared team of air conditioning service technicians, we know AC systems and we stock to repair the most common issues. We know that not only is the clock ticking, the temperature is rising, and we do what we can to get your home cooling as soon as possible. We’re thorough, too, for instance, if we replace a blower motor, there’s a question of whether the air filter is clogged, placing an extra heavy load on the motor that failed. Of course, in the long-term picture, the state of the ducts might also be an issue. But first, the motor problem gets addressed and the customer gets cooled down. Then, any additional issues can be scheduled or performed as needed.

Some of the Emergencies We Typically See

Our clients will make air conditioning service calls for warm air blowing or no air at all. They’ll notice systems that seem to be cycling much faster than usual, on-again, off-again without any period of adjustment. If the air is humid even while the home is being cooled, they may ask us to check into it, and if water or fluids leak and puddle around the AC unit, indoors or out, we may get a call to find out what’s wrong before it gets worse. Sometimes, the leaks are a sign of blocked drains, which can also produce foul odors that get our air conditioning service called as well. Finally, unusual sounds, especially banging from the outdoor unit or squeals from the indoor system can catch the owner’s attention and get us in there to take care of things before the problem gets worse.

Maintenance Can Get You Ahead and Avoid Summer Repairs

Many of these problems, such as the clogged air filter that accelerates the fan motor’s wear, can be caught and tended to during pre-season maintenance checks. When we inspect, test, clean, and repair your system in the off-season, we try to catch developing problems so they don’t lead to failures during the heat of the summer. Our experience and manufacturer’s checklists can help us anticipate which parts might need repair or replacement at what point in your system’s lifetime. Much of it varies according to how hard the system has worked, but some items like belts and hoses are a matter of the aging of the material, and scheduled replacement is a good idea.

We Can Check Much More During an Air Conditioning Service Than You Might Imagine

Many of your air conditioner’s components gradually decline in ability before they fail. For example, that fan motor may rotate less freely and consume more power as it operates before it quits entirely. Our technicians can check the motion of the motor and the current draw while it’s operating, and see if you have one that’s going to need replacement in the near future. The same goes for refrigerant issues, compressor issues, and other common problems. In addition, we can also make sure your thermostat is in good shape since it’s a minor issue to replace it but a major problem when it fails. If you still have an older model, perhaps we can install an energy-saving timer unit or intelligent model instead. About those ducts we mentioned before, if you haven’t had them cleaned out in a few years, it’s probably time and there are all sorts of efficiency, wear and tear, and health benefits that come from having clean, free-flowing air ducts in your home.

We Want to Help You Care for Your System and Plan for Future Repairs, Maintenance, and Replacement

Ours is a more advanced approach, helping our customers to use our experience and information about AC systems to better plan their unit’s care. We combine our summer emergency response efforts with intelligent maintenance visits and scheduled air conditioner replacement at your convenience.

When the Time Comes to Think About a New Unit, You May Be Surprised by the Possibilities

There is an amazing number of advances in recent AC models, from quieter running to multi-speed compressors that allow for greater efficiency and tighter control of indoor temperatures. Off-season orders and installation can help to manage your costs, making energy savings and the new unit work together for a great deal. One of the advantages of our plan-ahead attitude is that, when we identify potential repairs during your pre-season maintenance, you have a pretty good idea of the costs of keeping your unit so you can weigh them against your next one. Above all, with planning, we hope to avoid rushing a new unit in if your current one fails during the peak demand times of summer.

Your Garland, TX Preferred Air Conditioning Service, K&S Heating & Air

Our Garland, TX air conditioning service team works with you to keep your place cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and relaxed as you schedule needed maintenance and repairs at your convenience. While you’re thinking about it, why not schedule your next appointment today? Give us a call and we’ll take care of you.