Signs You Need Air Conditioning Service And Repair | Dallas, TX

Signs You Need Air Conditioning Service And Repair | Dallas, TX

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Not many people think about Air Conditioning Service and maintenance in the wintertime. Yet this is the exact time you want to be thinking about AC maintenance. During the summer months, service calls are at their peak, meaning it could take you days to get Air Conditioning Service. If however, you schedule your AC tune-up in winter you will ensure your AC unit is running at peak efficiency in the summer months to come. When was the last time you had an AC tune-up? Is it time for a maintenance call to an HVAC company? Tune-ups are vital for your AC unit, it keeps your AC running smoothly. We recommend every customer have an AC tune-up done once a year, and the wintertime is the perfect time to have this done.

We find many of our customers wait until a small AC problem becomes a big problem before calling in the Air Conditioning Pros. Most serious AC problems started out small, like a strange noise here and there, or a funky scent emanating from your vents. Only a qualified Air Conditioning Professional can determine if a seemingly small problem is in fact just a minor nuisance. Is your AC unit functioning as good as it did last year? If not it might be time to call in Air Conditioning Service Pros. You do not want to wait until the brutal Dallas, TX summer to attend your AC unit. What’s worse is if you do not attend to repairs today you could be out of service for days come summertime. That is why getting started with AC repairs early or before the summer season is always a good idea!


How do you know when a small repair is a serious issue? The fact of the matter is any issue with your AC unit can be serious. Your AC unit will give you warning signs that it needs repairs. All you have to do is pay attention to what your AC unit is telling you. To help our customers figure out if they need to schedule an AC repair for their unit sooner rather than later we have compiled a list of the telltale signs that your AC unit is in need of Air Conditioning Service. If you notice any of the signs below, call the professionals at K&S Heating & Air today to schedule AC Service.


1.  Reduced Air Flow

This is a serious issue if you’re experiencing reduced airflow. Reduced airflow can make your AC unit run harder, trying to cool down your house at reduced capacity. This in turn leads to higher utility bills. No one wants to pay more for their energy bill, why should you be any different. While on this subject I should mention most AC tune-ups pay for themselves in reduced utility bills due to their AC running at peak performance. Reduced airflow can have any number of causes, only your local Dallas, TX Air Conditioning professional can diagnose the exact cause of the issue. Oftentimes reduced airflow is caused by clogged air filters or a faulty compressor. If you notice this sign it’s time to call a professional.


2.  Thermostat Issues

Most homeowners do not give their thermostat a second thought, other than adjusting the temperature up and down. However, your thermostat is the brains of your HVAC unit! It is one of the most vital components to your AC unit in fact. Most thermostats work great for a long time. If your thermostat is malfunctioning it could cause your AC unit to shut off, or cycle too quickly. If your AC unit is behaving strangely do not rule out thermostat problems. Most often the fix for this problem is relatively straightforward and simple. Sometimes it is as simple as replacing the batteries, believe it or not. Most often however the thermostat needs replacing if it is the thermostat causing issues. Thermostats are complicated so never try to install them yourself, instead call for Air Conditioning Service.


3.  Short-Cycling

Short-cycling is always a major issue you want to address right away before it becomes a larger issue. Short-cycling is when your AC unit fails to complete its cooling cycle. Short-cycling can make it almost impossible to be comfortable in your home. This issue is often caused by either a clogged filter, your AC unit’s electrical system, your thermostat, or leaking of refrigerant. We can evaluate where the source of the problem lies and correct the issue quickly. You do not want to wait till summer to deal with an AC unit that is short-cycling, instead call us today for the Air Conditioning Service.


4.  Increased Energy Costs

Has your energy costs increased steadily? Your AC unit may be the culprit here. When an AC is breaking down it often has to work harder to cool down the home. This in turn leads to higher utility costs. The age of your unit may be to blame, or you may have faulty components that force your unit to work harder. When this happens your utility bills will increase. If you have higher utility bills you may want to check if your AC unit is short-cycling. If your unit is short-cycling it will cause your unit to turn off and on frequently, burdening your electrical system. If you notice higher than normal electrical bills it is time to call for Air Conditioning Service.


5.  Aging Unit

Most AC units were designed only to have a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. Even yearly tune-ups won’t keep your unit running forever. Have you been having to do expensive repairs year after year? If so it might be time to call for Air Conditioning experts to evaluate your AC unit and determine if future repairs will extend its life or if it is time to replace the unit altogether.


The signs described above are just some of the most common signs that you need an Air Conditioning Service. If you notice any of the above signs, it is time to call a professional Air Conditioning Service. The longer you wait to deal with repairs the worse the issue will be. With K&S Heating & Air AC repairs, installations, maintenance are just a quick phone call away, so don’t delay the call today!