How Do You Know When It Is Time To Call For Air Conditioner Repair? | Dallas, TX

How Do You Know When It Is Time To Call For Air Conditioner Repair? | Dallas, TX

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Knowing when to call in a professional for Air Conditioner Repair is key to having your AC unit running smoothly. You do not want to wait for small repairs to become big repairs. The longer you wait to deal with minor repairs, the worse the problem will be. Major AC repairs always start out as small problems that the homeowner ignored. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t wait to make Air Conditioner Repair. Problems will only linger, fester, and become larger problems, so it is best to deal with them today head-on. Sometimes AC units just break down leaving you with a lot of trouble. Make sure to fix the small problems before they become major problems. During the summer months, it can be tough to get same-day air conditioning repair.

With the summer heat here, Air Conditioner Repair is a serious issue. You may be tempted to delay repairs for minor issues, but minor issues can quickly spiral out of control. Waiting to perform repairs on an AC system might seem like an economical decision at the time, but it can cost you more money in the long run. How do you know when it is time to call in a professional? We have compiled a list of common AC problems that can quickly become major problems. All of these six issues we will discuss here will require repair.


1.  High Utility Bills

If your energy bill has increased steadily over time or is much higher now than it was this same time last year, you may be dealing with a faulty AC unit. When you have a faulty AC unit, your air conditioner has to work extra hard, meaning your system is no longer energy efficient. When an AC unit is no longer energy efficient, it causes the unit to use more power to cool down the home. Only a trained Air Conditioner Repair can determine the cause of this inefficiency. Oftentimes it can be something as simple as a dirty coil, but the problem will not fix itself. I should point out that having an AC tune-up prevents you from suffering from dirty coils as these are cleaned during AC tune-ups.


2.  A Leaky System

If your home suddenly has water coming from the ducts you might have a serious problem on your hands. We have seen some homeowners ceilings collapse, or cabinetry destroyed simply because of water damage due to a faulty AC unit. The fix is often simple enough for your local Air Conditioner Repair company. You may be dealing with a simple dirty coil that needs cleaning or you may need your drainpipe fixed. You could also need to replace the drip pan underneath your AC unit. If you have this problem don’t delay calling in a professional repair expert today! You do not want to deal with water damage to your home, water is one of nature’s most destructive forces.


3.  Abnormal Temperatures

If your home’s temperature does not match what the temperature says on your wall’s thermostat it’s time to call in a professional Air Conditioner Repair company. This is a serious sign that you’re dealing with a faulty AC unit. Do not wait until your AC system breaks down totally, this is one issue that you want to make that call on. Waiting to make repairs when this issue rears its ugly head will only lead to more costly repairs down the road, sooner rather than later. You may be dealing with dirty condenser coils or a part of your electrical system may need replacing. You could be dealing with a more serious issue of a broken air compressor, which can be expensive to replace, luckily if caught in time repairs might be able to be made. If you have this telltale sign of AC failure call in your local professional repair expert in Dallas, TX today.


4.  Short-Cycling

Short-cycling is when your AC unit turns on and shuts down before the cooling cycle is complete. This issue can make it nearly impossible to deal with the heat. This not only makes you uncomfortable, but it also costs you money! This is because your AC unit has to work extra hard trying to fruitlessly cool down your home during the warmer months of the year. This is one issue you do not want to wait to get repaired as it can cost you your entire unit if ignored. Short-cycling can have any number of causes including clogged filters, leaking refrigerant, or problems with your unit’s electrical system. If you have this issue call the experts at K&S Heating and Air today for Air Conditioner Repair.


5.  Strange Noises

Have you noticed strange noises coming from your AC unit or your unit’s ductwork? Your AC unit should not be making strange noises. This is often your first warning sign that something serious is amiss with your AC unit. You should never hear grinding, squealing, clicking, or grating coming from your air conditioner. All of these sounds are signs of a serious AC issue and should be addressed by calling in a professional Dallas, TX Air Conditioner Repair today.


6.  Excessive Moisture

Is your home more humid than normal? Humidity in an air-conditioned home can point to problems with your AC unit. Water pooling up in your AC unit can be to blame here. Excess humidity and water can lead to mold growth not only in your AC unit but also in your home. This issue affects the health and safety of your family and should be addressed right away. If your home has excess humidity it’s time to call a professional for repair.


If you have any of these six issues going on with your air conditioner it is time to call in an expert. You do not want to wait for these issues to become major issues requiring even more serious repairs. The sooner you deal with these troublesome problems the better off you will be. The experts at K&S Heating & Air are available to serve all of your Air Conditioner Repair needs.