When Is It Time For Heating And AC Repair? | Richardson, TX

When Is It Time For Heating And AC Repair? | Richardson, TX

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When it comes to your home no system is more important than your HVAC system. Knowing when to get an HVAC tune-up is also key to maintaining your system and avoiding costly Heating and AC Repair. We understand when an HVAC company recommends getting a yearly tune-up it’s an easy suggestion to pass up. Yet failure to do so could cause you to suffer from costly repairs down the road. Homeowners often want to skip this vital step in maintaining their HVAC system. Just like maintenance for your car, HVAC tune-ups are very important for routine maintenance and the prevention of more serious issues down the line. No one wants to deal with costly repair, which is why an ounce of prevention in the form of a tune-up will help to keep your HVAC system running at peak performance. Heating and Air Conditioning equipment should be not only inspected by a professional once a year but also cleaned and serviced.


Knowing when to have Heating and AC Repair is vital to maintaining your system. As trusted Richardson, TX HVAC specialists, we are here to tell you several key signs that your HVAC system needs repair. Knowing when to call in a professional is vital to maintaining your system, though no one relishes having to make that call. Let’s explore some key signs that you need a repair.


1.  Your Furnace or AC Unit Is Making Strange Noises

Neither your furnace nor air conditioner should ever make strange noises. If you heat grinding, grating, gurgling, or scraping noises, it is time to call for Heating and AC Repair. Oftentimes parts can become dislodged in your unit, causing these noises. If left unchecked, you could be dealing with a rather serious repair issue. Neither your AC nor furnace should make any sound out of the ordinary when it cycles up. Your local trusted Heating and AC Repair technicians from K&S Heating and Air of Richardson, TX can quickly determine what is causing the strange noises and what if any repairs need to be made. If you call and deal with the issue sooner rather than later you could save yourself from costly repairs or outright replacement of your unit.


2.  Foul Odors

Neither your furnace nor air conditioner should ever produce foul odors. If your smelling mold or mildew from your AC unit or ducts you have a problem. Mold and mildew are toxic to breathe in the long term. It can also aggravate lung conditions such as asthma. Your furnace should never kick out burning scents or arcid scents. Dirt and grime can build up in your system causing foul odors as well. Oftentimes foul odors are a sign of a more serious issue that needs to be addressed with Heating and AC Repair. You do not want to ignore those foul smells coming from your HVAC unit, call in a professional to diagnose the issue and effect any repairs that may be needed.


3.  Your Energy Bills Continue to Increase

If you have a sharp increase in your utility bills, your HVAC system may be to blame. Either your furnace or AC unit may be using more energy to heat or cool your home than normal. It is normal for your costs to flux somewhat from month to month and season to season, but your bill should be relatively similar each month during off-season times. If your energy bills continue to climb it may be time to call in a professional Heating and AC Repair technician to determine what if anything is wrong with your furnace or AC unit. I should point out that the energy efficiency of your unit will decline with age, so at some point, you’re going to need to replace the unit altogether. While no one wants to hear that, it is best to replace a unit before it breaks down altogether during peak season.


4.  Your unit Is Not Operating As It Once Was

If your AC or furnace is not operating as it once was, or if peak performance is down, it may be time to call in a Heating and AC Repair technician. Your unit should function the same as it did this time last year, if it’s not then chances are parts or components of your system are breaking down. How old are your furnace and AC unit? AC units were designed with an average life expectancy of 10 to 15 years, while a furnace can be expected to have a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years. The time frame for both your furnace and AC unit is totally dependent on installation quality, maintenance needs, proper repairs, and regular cleanings. Just like your car, your HVAC system requires routine care. If your unit is not operating as it once was, it is time to call in a Heating and AC Repair professional to diagnose the problem.


5.  You Feel Uncomfortable in Your Home

If you no longer feel comfortable in your home due to the temperature, despite having the correct thermostat settings, chances are something is wrong. If you’re finding it difficult to keep your home cool or warm, it could mean several things. You could be dealing with a faulty thermostat. This is a rather easy fix, though you might not like the answer, which is oftentimes replacing the thermostat altogether. Modern thermostats are computerized and programmed and when they break down they often simply need replacing. Your unit may not be the right size for your home. This is especially true for homeowners who added on to their homes after installing a furnace or AC unit. Lastly, it could just be a simple sign of aging. Units were not designed to operate at peak performance past their average life expectancy. Only your local trusted Heating and AC Repair professional can give you the answers you need.


If you’re experiencing any of these signs call the professionals at K&S Heating & Air today for a service call. We can provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your HVAC system. We have decades of experience behind us and no job is too big or small for us to handle.