The Right Time To Have Your HVAC System Serviced By A Heating And AC Repair Professional | Mesquite, TX

The Right Time To Have Your HVAC System Serviced By A Heating And AC Repair Professional | Mesquite, TX

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At every season change in Mesquite, TX, homeowners should think over when it is time to have their HVAC system inspected. According to most HVAC system manufacturers, your furnace and AC should be serviced once a year with a tune-up. These should be done at separate times. A good time of the year to have your AC inspected is in the winter or spring, and your furnace inspected in the fall. In this article, we will examine what technicians look for during an inspection, and what may be a cause of concern. We will also discuss why you should try to keep to a yearly schedule for tune-ups and inspections from a Heating and AC Repair company.


Failure to have your units inspected could result in pricey Heating and AC Repair. Preventive measures should therefore be taken to extend the life of your furnace and air conditioner. K&S Heating and Air is here for all of your AC repair needs including tune-ups and inspections. No one wants to shell out hard-earned cash on needless repairs and service calls, which is why you should keep up with your HVAC tune-ups. Calling professional HVAC repair professionals to do tune-ups can actually save you money by reducing energy consumption by your furnace and AC unit.


For your furnace your Heating and AC Repair technician will check the heat pump, heating mode, defrost cycle, and your Ignition, Burner Assemblies and Heat Exchanger. They will also test your air combustion and gas pressure and piping. Your Trusted HVAC repair technician may also check your vents and clearances. Your Heating and AC Repair technician will inspect these systems of your air conditioner: a Condenser test, safety controls, start-up, and test your refrigerant. They will also clean your evaporator coils and check all drains and drip pans. They will even test your temperature differentiation. They will also change the air filter of the HVAC system in your home.


Now, here’s something probably we shouldn’t tell you. Your HVAC system can likely go 2 or 3 years without being serviced if you’re lucky that is. Do you want to take the chance of having costly HVAC repair performed? For most people, I recommend yearly tune-ups and inspections for just that reason. If you forget about regular HVAC maintenance due to leading a busy life, you can schedule your next appointment with your technician after your first one is finished. This allows you to go about your life and leave the worry to the professionals. You could also keep a log near your unit that has written down the date of your last tune-up and inspection. The best way however is to simply schedule your HVAC service in advance. In Mesquite, TX with the heat as high as it is, we recommend highly at least having your AC tuned up.


One of the most common reasons people do not get their units tuned up is cost. Yet Heating and AC Repair will cost far more than a tune-up ever will. People who do not get their furnace and air conditioner tuned up and inspected are the ones most often in dire need of costly repairs or even having to replace their units prior to their average life expectancy. An air conditioner and furnace’s lifespan is taking into account routine maintenance being performed yearly. The average lifespan of an AC unit is 10 to 15 years, while the average lifespan of a furnace is 15 to 20 years. However, failure to maintain these units can shave years off of its life expectancy. Don’t become one of these grim statistics needing expensive Heating and AC Repair service calls.


Besides tune-ups and inspections, another thing to consider is the age of your units. Are you nearing the end of your unit’s life expectancy? Do you find yourself doing repair after repair to either your furnace or air conditioner? If so it might be time to replace the unit. They are not built to last forever, however, with proper care, you can prolong their life expectancy. I will say it’s preferable to have a unit replaced in the offseason rather than waiting for it to die during peak season. No one relishes having to shell out big bucks for a replacement unit, but waiting until the peak of summer to replace your air conditioner is never a good idea. Most homeowners will have to replace their AC unit when routine repairs and maintenance is no longer an option. If your furnace is older than 15 years or if your AC unit is older than 15 years, give us a call. We do not only Heating and AC Repair, but also full brand new installations of both furnaces and air conditioners. If upon inspection we feel that further repairs can keep your unit going further, we will inform you of our findings and evaluation.


The best time to schedule an HVAC servicing is before you are actually going to need it most. You do not want to wait until your unit breaks down or fails before making that call to your local Heating and AC Repair specialist. You should have your HVAC serviced every six months or at least once per year. Regular maintenance of your HVAC system will increase its lifespan and keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer as you’re supposed to be.


If you have any problems or issues with either your furnace or your air conditioning, call the experts at K&S Heating & Air today and let us show you why we are the most trusted Heating and AC Repair company. We have decades of experience behind us. If your system is in need of service or repair our certified professionals can solve all of your HVAC problems. Let us give you peace of mind, ensuring that your AC unit and furnace are in good hands.