Signs Your HVAC System Needs Heating And Air Conditioning Service | Mesquite, TX

Signs Your HVAC System Needs Heating And Air Conditioning Service | Mesquite, TX

Your HVAC system is one of the most vital parts of your Mesquite, TX home. Air conditioning and furnace problems always seem to happen at the worst possible times, when we need to rely on their heating or cooling the most. You don’t have to be an experienced HVAC technician to realize that you need heating and air conditioning service. If you turn the thermostat down in the summer to get cool air for you and your family but instead are greeted with no cool air you know you have a problem requiring service for your home. Or perhaps you go to fire up the furnace for the first time at the onset of winter but instead find no hot air coming from your heating ducts, you know then and there that you need an HVAC service to solve the problem and get the heat running again.

Other times you might happen to notice small changes to your HVAC system, such as the performance of your AC unit or your furnace, which might indicate to you that you’re in need of heating and air conditioning service. Service calls are rather commonplace in Mesquite, TX. Our company K&S Heating and Air answers many calls every week of the year, dealing with issues like AC tune-ups to service calls. If you are ever in need of a good HVAC service, K&S Heating and Air is the right company to call as we have decades of experience with HVAC tune-ups and service.

Want to avoid costly heating and air conditioning service repairs? You might want to consider having an HVAC tune-up done for your home. You will prolong the life of your HVAC system by having a tune-up done yearly. Even the simplest part of an HVAC tune-up like the cleaning out of your system and the changing of all of your system’s various filters helps to maintain your HVAC system and avoid the need for costly repairs. It is also important that you learn the signs that your HVAC system needs a service call. You do not want to be stuck without heat during the winter or without cool air in the heat of summertime. Here are the top signs that you need a service call:

Unusual & Strange Sounds Coming From Either Your Furnace or Central Air Conditioner

Your HVAC system will tend to tell you via sound that it is struggling or at breaking point. You most often will hear these sounds well before the unit breaks down altogether, giving you the time you need if you act quickly to get the unit repaired with a heating and air conditioning service call. It is vital for the health of your HVAC system that you pay close attention to the noises it makes, as these units tend to give ample warning with sounds. Learning to identify the wrong sounds coming from your HVAC system can help you avoid expensive service calls to repair a completely broken system. You want to catch repairs quickly while they might still be a minor repair, not when the system no longer functions altogether. Some of the most troubling sounds you will need to pay attention to include: screaming, banging, clanging, whistling, clanking, groaning, buzzing, and hissing sounds. None of these are sounds that you should hear during a normal operation. Your central air conditioner and furnace will only make such terrible sounds when it is in need of a service call for dire repairs. The good news is if you call for service right away upon first hearing such sounds you may avoid a costly AC or furnace replacement. Replacing an AC unit or a furnace is never cheap so it is best to protect your investment by acting right away at the first sign of trouble.

Power Issues

If your AC or furnace shuts down due to a flipped breaker, something is wrong with your system. Your AC or furnace should never trip your circuits. This would indicate an electrical problem with your HVAC system that needs to be addressed with your local heating and air conditioning service. If you fail to act you could be putting yourself and your family at risk due to a potential electrical fire. Electric issues are nothing to play around with, it is a serious issue that requires a service call from your local heating and air conditioning service. If your furnace or AC shuts down unexpectedly, call a professional right away for your home.

Foul Odors

You should never smell foul odors coming from your HVAC system. If you do happen to smell a foul odor emanating from your HVAC system chances are you’re in dire need of a heating and air conditioning service to investigate the issue and make any needed repairs. If you smell a musty dank smell this is often due to mold in your system, which is dangerous to both you and your family as mold spores are toxic. If you happen to smell a burning smell then chances are you are dealing with a dangerous electrical issue that needs immediate attention from your local HVAC service so that you can avoid a fire in your home. If you smell any strange smell coming from your system do not delay in reaching out to a heating and air conditioning service to investigate and solve the problem.

If you should happen to notice any of these signs of HVAC trouble do not hesitate to reach out to K&S Heating & Air of Mesquite, TX for heating and air conditioning service. We will get to the bottom of any issue that is affecting your HVAC system and make any repairs in a timely manner.