Smart Tips to Perfectly Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Smart Tips to Perfectly Maintain Your Air Conditioner

People who maintain their heating and cooling appliances increase the longevity of their appliances up to several years. Maintaining the air conditioner properly is not only beneficial to increase its useful life but it also helps in cutting down the energy bills considerably.

On average, half of our energy bills are constituted of HVAC bills. This shows that our air conditioners do a lot of work in maintaining a comfortable environment for us. As per experts, an air conditioner requires regular attention to ensure its operation with optimum efficiency.

The efficiency of cooling and heating appliances is measured through the ratio of its power input with the cooling capacity. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your air conditioner maintained through air conditioner repair in Plano, TX.

With this blog, we aim to assist you further with the maintenance requirements of your air conditioner. Let us have a look at some smart tips to keep your air conditioner working at all times and without spending money over its frequent repairs or replacement.

Simple ways to increase the capacity of your air conditioner

If you give your air conditioner proper attention then it’s likely to operate flawlessly through hot and extreme weathers and throughout the year without causing any problems. However, all those people who neglect the maintenance of their air conditioners by assuming that they are going to operate and sustain through any condition, without maintenance, only end up paying excess electricity bills, and the end up paying the cost of frequent air conditioner repairs in Plano, TX.

Therefore, in order to avoid the hassle, have a look at discussed below tips that would help you in maintaining your air conditioner without incurring an excessive cost.

Cleaning the indoor vents

Whenever we face experience blocked or low air flow, we assume that our air conditioner is breaking down, needs the assistance of an air conditioning service in Plano, TX, or decide that this is an indication of the failure of either thermostat or condenser. Fortunately, this is not always the case when it’s about low air flow of air conditioners.

Most people fail to understand the fact that low or blocked air flow may also be due to a blocked indoor vent. You must vacuum the excess dirt and debris off the vent at regular intervals. This will help you in getting adequate air flow of the air conditioner. Moreover, you must also avoid blocking the vent by placing objects near to the vent such as blinds and others.

Turn off the power

The majority of us are habitual of leaving our air conditioner power connected or on standby when it’s switched off. However, considering the dangers of electricity and fire we must completely turn off the power to the air conditioner unit. You can perform this by using the shut-off box that must be placed on the exterior side of the compressor or condenser. For indoor, you may power off the air conditioner by using the breaker box installed in the building. Similarly, you must be careful in handling these components of air conditioners during rain seasons when your house or building is being provided with high voltage.

Keep the drainage clean and avoid the cost of air conditioner repair in Plano, TX

Every air conditioner uses a drain line to drain out the water which helps in sustaining the efficient performance of the air conditioner. However, if this drain is somehow blocked, it can severely damage the performance of your air conditioner and may result in air conditioner repair in Plano, TX.

You may, however, easily avoid this hassle by simply cleaning the drain line with chlorine bleach (one cup) and rinsing it off properly by using a gallon of water. Also, this would help in avoiding water overflow if you have a blocked drain line.

Adjust the temperature

Some people never attempt to adjust the air conditioner temperature as per their cooling needs and continue using it keeping the same temperature. Typically, if you adjust the temperature of your air conditioner as per your cooling requirements, this will help you in saving a lot of money in terms of energy bills while increasing the efficiency of your air conditioner for several years to come and without spending a fortune air conditioner repair in Plano, TX.

Maintain the air flow from the unit by keeping the surrounding clean

If you ask professionals from an air conditioning service in Plano, TX to install the unit in some open area outside the building, make sure you keep the surrounding of the unit clean and free from debris. This is necessary to ensure adequate air flow from the unit. Similarly, during winter season, if the unit is not in use, then the best way to keep it secure is to cover it with plastic or plywood.

All of these measures will help keep the unit clean by avoiding fallen off debris or building up of moisture inside the unit that would cause corrosion.

Level the air conditioner unit

If the unit of your air conditioner is not properly leveled, it will cause the condenser to fail quickly. Therefore, it is important to check your unit from time to time for any possible problem or take the assistance of an air conditioning service in Plano, TX for its maintenance.

If you need to adjust the unit, use only rot-resistant shims or get the assistance of professional air conditioning services in Plano, TX.

Final Word

Follow the tips shared above as these measures will help you in keeping your air conditioner in good condition and in enhancing its efficiency to a great extent. However, if you are in need to get your air conditioner replaced or repaired then simply visit K&S Heating and Air as your ultimate solution. They have the best team of professionals to take care of all of your heating and cooling problems. Moreover, you can also avail their 24/7 emergency services in case you need urgent air conditioner repair in Plano, TX or consultancy.