Beware! Your AC’s Air Ducts may need Replacement or Repairs

Beware! Your AC’s Air Ducts may need Replacement or Repairs

Let’s begin with a question. How much importance do you give to your AC’s ductwork? Do you think about getting routine inspections or only give it attention when you can see that something is, in fact wrong with it? Most people do the latter, and are then stuck with expensive air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX. Preventative maintenance is a very real aspect of running your HVAC smoothly. It helps your system run smoothly without major damage and also increases its energy efficiency. Not only that; you notice a clear difference in the indoor air quality of your home or business.

Unrelenting summers

Summers in Dallas can be particularly unforgiving as temperatures can reach highs of more than 100 degrees. Not only is the summer weather hot, but it’s humid, too. You can practically feel the sweat on your body when you step out into the open. Nothing beats the cool dry air from your AC when you step inside your house to relax after a long day at work. Heating and ac in Dallas, TX and its proper and timely maintenance, therefore, becomes very necessary.

Air Duct Problems

The air ducts transport that cool air which you need in summers throughout your house or office building. It helps you work or relax in a calm and comfortable environment. When there’s something wrong with the ducts, any of the rooms may not get the cooling that is required. Usually a leak or blockage in the AC ductwork is the common culprit. Not only does your energy bill increase, but the HVAC system faces increased wear and tear. You need timely air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX to avoid financial stress and physical discomfort, especially in summers.

Your Ac’s ducts may accumulate dirt and other debris while being used, so it is important to have it cleaned by a professional for heating and ac in Dallas, TX. Here’s what you need to keep an eye (and/or ear) out for.

1. Dirt and other Filth near vents

Take a look at your vents that supply air to different parts of the house. Notice that there is dust in the grilles, or other dirt and debris blocking the flow of air? Your AC ducts have developed blockages and there might even be a chance of contamination in the air. This type of debris filled and dusty air can cause allergic reactions like incessant coughing or sneezing. If you haven’t had your AC’s ducts cleaned for 8 months to a year, there’s a high possibility that there is debris that has accumulated in them. Give professionals a call for air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX and get your duct work cleaned out.

2. Problems hinting at vermin or bug infestation

If you notice a really bad odor in your room, it may be due to a number of causes. A metallic smell may mean that the wiring has been shot or there’s something wrong with the metallic components in the outdoor unit of your AC, such as the compressor or evaporator coil. If it’s something that smells like excrement or decomposition, you may need to have your AC’s ducts cleaned by a professional for heating and ac in Dallas, TX. The organic waste smells may be from dead or decomposing rodent or insect bodies. The droppings may make it very uncomfortable for you to breathe. Often, insects will shed their exterior shells and husks. These shells or husks may be very small, and if inhaled, may pose a serious risk to your health or that of your family members, or employees working in an office building.

3. Sudden breathing problems

If you feel sick to your core inside your house, but are fine at work or outdoors — in the park or your street — it might be explained by your cluttered and dirty HVAC system ducts. You or your family members may display signs of asthma, sinus issues and other breathing difficulties that you or they didn’t have before. It’s a sign you need air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX or a good duct cleaning from professionals. When the indoor air quality is not clean, you or your family members can develop these unexplained allergies only in your house. If children or elderly already suffer from asthma, their symptoms can be more severe and their condition can progress rapidly. Sneezing and wheezing inside the house shouldn’t be taken lightly, and corrective action should be taken at once.

4. Mold Growth you can see

Humidity and warmth provide the two ideal conditions for the growth of molds. That’s why whenever you notice mold, it’s always in the corners or behind drywall, because that’s where it’s warm and moist. Molds and health issues go hand in hand. Long term exposure to molds can be linked to severe breathing problems such as coughing and wheezing as well as watery and red eyes, runny or stuffy nose or skin irritations.

The worst part? They spread through mold spores that are miniscule particles, which can be deadly if they make their way to your airways.

The presence of black mold can be deadly as it can cause death in severe cases. Whenever you spot the growth of mold near vents or smell something earthy, call in experts for heating and ac in Dallas, TX for repairs.

5. Air filters are dirty

If you had recent air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX and had your air filter replaced, only to find it covered in thick dust, it means that your ducts are the real problem. Your AC’s ducts are clogged heavily with dust or debris that’s depositing on to your air filter. Get it cleaned as soon as possible from a professional for heating and ac in Dallas, TX.

If you would like any help with identifying any other problems with your AC, or would like to schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to visit K&S Heating and Air.