Important Considerations for AC Installation and Update

Important Considerations for AC Installation and Update

Nothing beats the happiness of walking into a cool room after a hot and sunny day out. An air conditioner is considered as a must have appliance. With the rapid change in global climate, summer heat is sweltering, and directly affects our daily life and mood. An AC can help minimize that.

There are certain factors that you should consider before you install an air conditioner in Irving, TX:

1. Size

If your AC is too small, it will fail to cool the room and if it is too big it will keep fluctuating, consuming a lot of electricity. To ensure that your AC works efficiently, provides comfort and continues to work for a longer period of time, you need to install the right sized AC.

2. Ductwork

If you have faulty ducts, chances are that your AC will not perform up to its potential. To ensure that your ducts are not old and leaky, get them inspected from K&S Heating and Air service before your air conditioner installation.

3.  Air Quality

The airflow in your house is a crucial component to your comfort. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of it and do not pay much heed to airflow adjustment. If you notice that the airflow in your house is uneven, get in touch with an air conditioner installation expert from K&S Heating and Air and put an end to all your AC airflow problems.

4. Reliable AC contractor

There are multiple AC contractors in Irving, TX and it can get confusing to choose the right one — K&S Heating and Air services provide reliable services as they have expertise in the HVAC field. The right contractor will minimize your installation costs and provide an all-round service. 

5.  Features and efficiency

As per the standards set by the U.S Department of Energy (DOE) all HVAC systems needs to energy efficient. Efficient air conditioner installation in Irving, TX will be costly, but keeping in mind the long-term electricity saving, it is an investment. To know about energy saving AC’s, get in touch with air conditioner installation experts in Irving TX.

If your AC has become faulty, it might be because it has completed its years of service for you. If the airflow is uneven, ductwork is leaking then you should upgrade. Here are a few reasons why an AC upgrade is important:

  • Your AC’s time is up

Good air conditioners last up to 15 years after which an upgrade is needed. Your AC might stop functioning earlier if not maintained. Nonetheless, an aging AC needs to be replaced with a more efficient and latest system so that it can last longer. Thermostats have twice the lifespan compared to an HVAC system and because they are cost-effective, they can be replaced more often.

  • Cooling load

When an air conditioner installation in Irving, TX is done, contractors take into account the size of the house and the area that the AC will need to cool in order to make the indoor temperature comfortable. Many contractors calculate the cooling load however, most rely on the rule of thumb, taking a generic approach by understanding the dynamics between the interior of the house and the temperature requirements.

  • Zoning systems

With the rapidly improving world, HVAC systems are becoming smarter than ever. Today, homes require an air conditioner system that can be controlled individually from separate rooms. Targeted or zone cooling systems are readily available today, proving to be a cost-effective and energy saving option.

  • Smart systems

There isn’t anything your smartphone cannot do. With the latest AC systems, they can easily be controlled from your phones. When you go out looking for a new system, make sure that it comes with the feature that connects your phone Wi-Fi to your air conditioning system. That way, no matter where you are, you can always control your thermostat and adjust the temperature accordingly.

These are some options for air conditioner installation in Irving, TX:

  • Ductless air conditioner
  • Central air conditioner
  • Zoned or targeted air conditioner
  • Duct air conditioner
  • Forced Air
  • Fans
  • Evaporative cooling system
  • Mini split air conditioner
  • Thermostats

K&S Heating and Air Services

Finding the right AC contractor can be extremely challenging. With a lot of available options, it can be overwhelming. This is exactly why you should rely on K&S Heating and Air system for an air conditioner installation in Irving, TX. Not only are they experienced, they do no try to upsell anything to their customers. Providing high quality services, K&S enjoys good reputation in the city. If you are planning to install an AC in your new home or thinking of an upgrade, get in touch with an expert from K&S and they will assist you accordingly. Whether you’re a commercial or residential owner, K&S believes that there is no task that is too difficult for them. Their services are available 24/7 throughout the week.