The Role of Office Temperature on Productivity in the Workplace | Heating and AC Repair in Dallas, TX

The Role of Office Temperature on Productivity in the Workplace | Heating and AC Repair in Dallas, TX

How can your employees maintain or increase their productivity if they are sweating or freezing their tails off in the office? If your workers fight over the thermostat daily or are forced to wear certain clothes to beat the fluctuating temperatures in the workplace, you need to change certain things. Before calling for heating and AC repair in Dallas, TX, there are some things you should be aware of.

What Are the Guidelines?

The temperature in the workplace should be different than the one outside, and it should be changed on a monthly basis as well for obvious reasons. In general, the internal temperature should be about 69 or 72 °F or it should start from there.

However, this can differ by gender. For instance, women are usually comfortable when they are working in 77°F temperature while men are more comfortable working in 72 °F. Cater to both by ensuring the thermostat is set between these two temperatures.

Your aim should be to ensure that the air conditioning reaches all corners of the room and that there is enough sunlight coming in the windows to prevent problems. This can be done with heating and AC repair in Dallas, TX.

If the temperature fluctuates a lot, chances are it is because of a fault in the air conditioning. A unit that is breaking down or is faulty can generate inconsistent air flow and make working uncomfortable. To ensure optimal thermal comfort for your employees, here are a few things you can do before calling for heating and AC repair in Dallas, TX:

Prevent Direct Air Flow

Besides ensuring that the air conditioning is regulated for humidity as well as temperature, you should take a look at the airflow. If hot or cold air is blowing directly on the employees, they can fall sick easily.

Install deflectors on all of the air vents so that air does not flow directly onto people. This will also prevent annoying draughts and keep your workers productive. Nip the issue in the bud by keeping workstations away from HVAC units. Similarly, prevent direct sunlight from making the room too hot by installing blinds.

You should also ensure adequate airflow to prevent the rooms from getting stuffy. You can do that by making sure that air flow rate lies between 0.3 and 0.7 feet per second. If this doesn’t work, you may need to call for heating and AC repair in Dallas, TX.

Revisit the Layout

Believe it or not but no matter how many times you opt for heating and AC repair in Dallas, TX or how fancy your HVAC system is, both can fail if the office layout is questionable. While you may have the stations moved around as the business grows or changes, you may also be tampering with the internal temperature at the same time. Plus, if you have a lot of employees in one large space, thermal comfort should be a concern for you.

To ensure optimal thermal comfort for your workers, consider whether the HVAC unit has what it takes to make them comfortable. If the capacity is exceeded, you will face some problems and if the system is too big for the space it is installed in, reaching optimal temperatures will be difficult.

In fact, seating arrangements can also affect comfort levels. If for instance someone is located right in front of an air conditioner, he/she may be susceptible to illness. If most of your workers face this issue, you may be looking at a lot of sick leaves down the line. Can you really afford to lose that much productivity?

The solution is simple though. Depending on the unit you have you may either just need to call for heating and AC repair in Dallas, TX or replace your current HVAC system with a suitable one. Before doing the latter, determine the reasons for chronic thermal discomfort in the office and if that doesn’t work, consider changing the layout. You will be doing yourself and your employees a huge favor.

Consider Flexible Workspaces

This is where flexible workspaces come into the picture. Today’s office layout is considerably different from those that we were used to a decade ago. It’s not just about fitting as many people as possible in a single space anymore. Workspaces are being designed for comfort as well as productivity. Today’s business owners have wellness in mind and are quickly adopting healthier work practices besides calling for heating and AC repair in Dallas, TX as and when needed.

Naturally, temperature plays a huge role in this endeavor. Workspaces are now fragmented for different tasks and to ensure employees remain comfortable. Temperatures in these rooms are easier to maintain and adjust which in turn frees up more energy for all appliances that power a HVAC system.

For instance, an air conditioner can be turned on full blast in areas of high activity and lowered for areas that are not as busy without undue stress on the system. This also prevents the need for heating and AC repair in Dallas, TX for a long while.

Stop the Thermostat War

If your employees head to the thermostat and back to their workstations more times than you can count, your HVAC system is suffering.  You can prevent this war by asking your employees what they think the internal temperature of the office should be. While most will agree with this approach, some workers may ask you to call for heating and AC repair in Dallas, TX.

Of course, you can forego both solutions and simply install a dummy thermostat in the office. Just make sure that the temperature is set at optimal levels from the real thermostat. This way, the occupants will think they are in control and remain productive at the same time.

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