Things You Must Know to Repair Your Air Conditioner in Dallas

Things You Must Know to Repair Your Air Conditioner in Dallas

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Are you facing issues with you air conditioner in Dallas and want to know how you can restore it to its working condition? That’s exactly what we are going to assist you with!

This article will uncover all you need to know to get your HVAC unit functioning flawlessly.

But first, let’s have a quick look at the climatic conditions in Dallas. Researchers recently predicted that American cities will experience much warmer weather in the years ahead. According to another analysis, the city now is now experiencing 14.5 more days above 90 degrees than it did in 1979.

Maintaining Your Air Conditioner in Dallas

With the temperatures in Dallas soaring higher and higher, it is important to get your air conditioner in Dallas serviced on the regular. Keeping frequent  checks on the performance of your machine can help you spot an issue well in time.

Things to Know Ahead of the Repair

A few tips can help you assess the exact condition of your air conditioner in Dallas and take measures for an instant repair. Let’s look into those steps.

Evaluating the Situation

The first and foremost thing to do is to assess the condition of your air conditioner in Dallas and try to find out what went wrong where. In order to do so, you can look for rust or corrosion in the spots where the pipes are fitted.

You should also notice if there is any water leaking from theair conditioner in Dallas. This could either indicate a blocked air or a choked water drainage pipe. The temperature sensor should also be checked if it is not displaying the digits correctly.

Also, your air conditioner in Dallas compressor might be in need of immediate repair if it is producing any sound when you turn your AC on.

Repairing Your Air Conditioner in Dallas

Let’s now look at how an air conditioner in Dallas is serviced and repaired to ensure optimum performance of the machine.

Servicing the Air Filters

Air filters serve the most vital function and hence they need to be cleaned frequently. In order to service them, carefully open the front side of the unit and take the filters out. If they need immediate cleaning, do so with an anti-rusting agent.

Avoid using a brush as its bristles might damage the material of the filters. Before putting the filter back, make sure there is no water on them so that no access water accumulates inside your machine. Allow some time for your air filters to dry out any residue of the cleaning agent before you switch your air conditioner in Dallas on.

Servicing the Indoor Unit

Place the unit on an elevated surface so you can clean it easily.

Begin with washing the coil area. It is extremely sharp because of the blades and so it is important to wear protective material during the washing. Again, allow adequate time for the coil and all other parts to dry.

If the air conditioner in Dallas has not been performing to its optimum, then it would need more than just servicing. Check for critical leaks especially in the condenser and the shaft seal of the compressor as these are the major causes of refrigerant loss.

Don’t ignore the condition of the drain pipes as these can choke the entire machine. The same procedure will be carried out to service the outdoor unit, with special adherence to servicing the fan.

Three Simple Hacks to Avoid Frequent Repairs:

Now let’s look at three basic things you can keep in mind that will help you avoid frequent repairs of your air conditioner in Dallas.

A.  Allow Enough Air to Your Condenser

Did you know that the location of the condenser can affect its function?

That’s right! If there are a lot of bushes or dense leafy plants  around the condenser, they restrain its ability to serve its function. So what you can do is see that your condenser is installed near a clean surface and ensure regular cleaning.

Too much stress on your condenser can shorten the lifespan of your HVAC unit.

B.  Keep the Condenser Clean:

Pay special attention to the parts of the condenser by ensuring its regular cleaning. This is because dirt can cause heat to accumulate inside the machine.

Any hindrance in the release of heat can affect the performance of your air conditioner in Dallas.

C.   Schedule Timely Maintenance Sessions:

Maintain a regular schedule for the inspection of your HVAC unit. For optimum performance, replace your air-filters every two months. It is also mandatory to keep a check on the voltage to your air conditioner in Dallas.

Sometimes, even a small drop in the current can cause irreversible damage to an electric appliance.

How Often Should You Clean Your AC?

Experts suggest that an air conditioner in Dallas should be cleaned at least twice a year. The suitable time to do this is before and after the summer season. Air filters or vents, however, may require cleaning every two weeks.

Seek Professional Services

Repairing an air conditioner in Dallas on your own can be difficult due to the mechanics and techniques involved. Apart from other risks, dealing with high voltage could spell trouble for you.

Hence it is best to seek the services of a professional repair and maintenance company. K&S Heating and Air is a professional company based in Garland, Texas that caters to all your HVAC servicing needs.

Any delay in servicing your air conditioner in Dallas can result into bigger problems and cost you more money. Professional assistance is just one call away. So if your air conditioner in Dallas needs your attention, get in touch with K&S now!