A Few Important Things to Consider When Buying Your AC Unit | Heating and AC in Frisco

A Few Important Things to Consider When Buying Your AC Unit | Heating and AC in Frisco

Residents in Frisco experiences brutal summers. In such circumstances, a good heating and ac unit installed can bring a lot of relief with it.

Are you looking for a good heating and ac unit to be install at home in Frisco? Are you looking for an upgrade?

If yes, then what are the things you should know before buying one? Considering purchasing a heating and ac unit is a little expensive, it makes sense to be mindful of a few things beforehand.

After all, you don’t want to regret your investment!

 Things You Should Know Before You Purchase a Heating and AC Unit in Frisco:

Let’s learn step by step about the things you should consider before buying your air conditioner.

Measurements and Configurations

Every air conditioning unit comes with a BTU (British Thermal Units) rating. It basically measures the amount of heat that an HVAC unit can remove in an hour. In other words, a BTU rating can tell you how powerful an appliance is.

The first thing for you to do is to take the measurements of your room and also evaluate how much amount heat the space contains. Then, find a unit online which has a BTU rating suitable for your space.

The key thing to remember is that you should get a heating and ac unit with a higher BTU rating if your room receives a lot of sunlight. It is also helpful to estimate the electricity that your new unit will consume relative to other appliance in your home.

Decide Which Unit is Ideal

Window air conditioning units are known for their powerful performance, but split heating and ac units are more popular as they work consistently and produce less noise.

However, if you want to buy a unit for your entire house in Frisco, then a central heating and ac unit is a viable option. This unit of course can be most costly and its installment may require more technical training. With this unit, it is also important to be aware of your ductwork which should be able to handle the airflow of the unit.

These units are especially helpful for saving money on your electricity bills.

Check Warranty Details

Different companies offer different types of warranties for their units. Opt for a unit that offers an extended warranty for the compressor as it is the most vital part of your HVAC unit.

You can check your unit’s warranty on the company’s website by entering the model number.

Consider Buying a Multipurpose Unit

Some air conditioner units of today come with a heating facility. The exciting part is that these units can save at least 30% energy in comparison with the conventional heating units.

Look for Special Features

Many units come equipped with special features. These are as follows.

A.  Sleep Mode

The sleep mode in a unit is especially helpful as it automatically raises the temperature at night to adjust to the room’s changing temperature. Needless to say, this will make your heating and ac unit more energy efficient for your home in Frisco.

B.  Notification Light

Some units come with a light notification to let you know that you should change your air filters. These timely reminders can help maintain your unit’s efficiency level.

C.   Timers

This is an alternative to Wi-Fi enabled units, as these can turn your unit on or off. The only difference is these timers have to be set in advance.

D.  Energy Switch

If your heating and ac unit is equipped with an energy switch, it will turn off your fan as soon as the thermostat turns off the compressor. The good news is that this switch can help reduce your electricity bill in the long run for your house in Frisco.

E.   Remote Control

Look for a unit that offers an easy to use and advanced remote control. A good remote control, for example, will have larger buttons for the fan swing and wing control.

F.   Auto-restart

Air conditioning units that come with an auto-restart feature allow you to bring them back to their original setting after a power outage.

G.  Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi enabled units allow you to control you heating and ac unit thermostat remotely to your home in Frisco. You can use an app on your smart phone to not just turn you unit on or off, but also change its temperature or adjust the speed of the fan.

While it’s great to find a unit that has these features, there are also a few hacks that you can look into. These hacks help your unit to perform even more efficiently. For example, one smart thing to do is to make your room leak-proof. This way the pleasant temperature inside the room remains maintained.

Seek Professional Services

Installing your air conditioner on your own carries the risk of a faulty installation process which can lead to several consequences. K&S Heating is a reliable and efficient heating and ac company in Frisco and other cities of Texas. You can get in touch with them and have their professionals assist you with all your installation needs.

Not only can they help in installation, they also help you fix any repairs or maintenance-related issues you may face!


Summers this year have brought scorching heat, and the weather could warmer in the days ahead. This makes it mandatory to let a professional company assist you with the buying and installation of your heating and ac unit. So act now!