Top 4 Ways to Make Your HVAC System More Energy Efficient | Heating and AC Repair in Farmers Branch, TX

Top 4 Ways to Make Your HVAC System More Energy Efficient | Heating and AC Repair in Farmers Branch, TX

Almost half of the energy you have for your home is used up by your heating and cooling system. Needless to say, a system that is not maintained regularly by a heating and AC repair in Farmers Branch, TX, or which isn’t energy efficient can result in a hefty bill. Perhaps it is high time that you finally switched to a unit that doesn’t use up much energy to keep the internal temperature comfortable.

Taking this measure will be worth your while for the following benefits:


1.  Increase Efficiency via Load Control

A provider of heating and AC repair in Farmers Branch, TX will tell you that the energy efficiency you can acquire depends on the HVAC system that you have. For example, if you have a heating system, you can get condensing boilers installed to reduce the breeching expenditures. The leftover gas can be thrown outside via the vents. Such systems usually operate on natural gas, and according to the providers of heating and AC repair in Farmers Branch, TX, they are efficient since they work well with load.

With this heating control, you can reduce the amount of energy the system uses by limiting the boilers. Modulating ones for example can be adjusted by a heating and AC repair in Farmers Branch, TX to manage the load. Plus, you can also have small boilers installed or removed from the line depending on your needs.

There are a number of methods a heating and AC repair in Farmers Branch, TX can recommend that can reduce the cooling load of your HVAC system to make it more energy efficient. The ceiling can be insulated or you can have the windows and doors glazed. This will create well insulated rooms that will prevent cold air from escaping while the system maintains the internal temperature. For optimal results, you can prevent warm air from entering your home by keeping windows and doors tightly closed.


2.  Reduce Lighting and Appliance Usage

Every light in your home generates heat and this includes appliances when they are in use. That results in more heat that your HVAC system has to work hard to expel. To reduce that workload and thus save energy, turn off all equipment that is not in use and turn off all lights in unoccupied rooms. This will go a long way to reduce the cooling load on the system.

Besides this you can also ask your heating and AC repair in Farmers Branch, TX to replace standard motors with high efficiency ones. This measure will reduce heat loss and prevent generated heat from escaping. You can also invest in VSDs or variable speed drives to synchronize the system’s speed with the generated output to reduce the energy consumed.

Remember, the load that a typical HVAC system experiences varies during different times of the day and in different rooms. By getting occupancy controls though, you can make sure that the system only works where and when you need it to such as during core business hours. You can schedule a heating and AC repair in Farmers Branch, TX for routine checkups and to check the settings so that your bill remains manageable.

You can make things easier for yourself by getting a building energy management system installed. These systems are pretty much self sufficient and will monitor all of the energy usage and expenditure in our office complex. This includes adjusting the HVAC system automatically for maximum energy efficiency.


3.  Get a Central Chilled Water Plant

A water plant can help you save over 35% of the energy that is usually sufficient to maintain the internal temperature of a building. By hiring a heating and AC repair in Farmers Branch, TX to streamline it, you can get on top of your energy bill. For instance, you can ask them to install pumps and fans in the system that can take heating and cooling loads off the system.


4.  Get Regular Maintenance

By hiring a reliable heating and AC repair in Farmers Branch, TX to maintain your HVAC system, you can save energy automatically irrespective of the system you have. For example, they can clean the dirt on the coils of your AC unit to make it running smoothly and to use up only the amount of energy it needs to operate. The dirtier the unit, the more energy it has to consume to cool a room.

Similarly, they can also check and clean the air filters which can block air flow if they are clogged with dirt and debris. A DIY effort can do more harm than good since the material is quite delicate and can tear under unskilled hands. However, the filters will get damaged over time so make sure they are replaced every year to ensure your system doesn’t have to work overtime.

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