Types of Filters for HVAC Systems Explained and What MERV Has to Do with Them | Air Conditioning Service in Rockwall, TX

Types of Filters for HVAC Systems Explained and What MERV Has to Do with Them | Air Conditioning Service in Rockwall, TX

An efficient air conditioning system can ensure you have cool and clean, fresh indoor air to breathe and also to relax in. However, like any air conditioning service in Rockwall, TX will tell you, the filter has a lot to do with how efficiently it runs. Here are different types that you should be aware of:

Fiberglass Filters

These are the most common types of filters that an air conditioning service in Rockwall, TX works on since most systems come with it already installed. As the name implies, fiberglass filters are made of fiberglass that is designed to trap airborne debris and dust particles.

These are typically installed in the furnace and AC units. Plus, they are disposable as well-being effective and affordable. However, if your home has a number of pets or remains dusty, you may need stronger filters than these.

Pleated Filters

Pleated filters work better than fiberglass since these prevent all dust particles from entering a HVAC system and this also include pet hair, dander and dust mites. You can get either a disposable or variable filter for your system but an air conditioning service in Rockwall, TX will be able to give you a better idea.

This type of filter is tighter than one that is made of fiberglass so our system will have to work a bit harder to pull air through it. Even though this will ensure better air quality in your home, your system may lose out in the bargain.

Electrostatic Filters

An air conditioning service in Rockwall, TX can also recommend electrostatic filters for your HVAC system. These are better than the pleated variety when it comes to filtering air since these are made of small paper or cotton fibers. The fibers produce a static charge when the HVAC system is turned on and the charge attracts airborne particles and prevents them from entering your home.

These also come in disposable and washable types and are considered the best filters for homeowners who have allergies.

Washable Filters

A reliable air conditioning service in Rockwall, TX will tell you that washable filters may be a bit pricier than the disposable type, but they can be a great investment for your HVAC system. Since they can be removed and cleaned easily, you don’t need to buy new ones each time they clog up.

However, before that happens schedule a cleaning from an air conditioning service in Rockwall, TX. They will make sure not to damage the filters during the cleaning process and can place it back in properly as well. It has to dry completely before it is fitted back in or it might become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

HEPA Filters

HEPA filters are designed to remove quite a high percentage of dust particles and allergens from the air as it passes through them. The term stands for high-efficiency particular air filter and in order to qualify as a HEPA filter, a filter has to capture at least 99.9% of airborne dust and allergens.

Needless to say, HEPA filters perform way better than other varieties. These are usually installed in HVAC systems that are in hospitals or in homes of individuals who have severe allergies. Ask the air conditioning service in Rockwall, TX to install one for you in your system so that it doesn’t get damaged during installation.

UV Light

Besides filters, you can also ask the air conditioning service in Rockwall, TX to install a UV light in the HVAC system. Like the HEPA filters, this can prevent 99.9% of airborne microorganisms and particles from entering your home. It also destroys harmful fungi, viruses and bacteria that may cause serious diseases.

The number of harmful agents blocked depends on the exposure and how much heat the lamps produce. You can get advanced options by asking theair conditioning service in Rockwall, TX such as the air scrubber.

What is MERV?

Also known as Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, MERV is an industry standard that air conditioning services in Rockwall, TX swear by. This standard determines how effective a filter is. If a filter has a high MERV rating for instance that means it only allows a few particles and allergens to pass through or a quantity that does not pose a threat to inhabitants.

The standard is determined by testing the filter for dust mites, pollen, carpet fibers, pet fur, pet dander, bacteria and even tobacco smoke. If you are searching for a replacement filter for your HVAC system, make sure that the one you have your eye on has an acceptable MERV rating. In other words, it should be sufficient for your existing system and should not impact airflow negatively. This can happen if the material of the filter is too dense – it can cause leaks in different areas in the entire system which will impact your energy bill.

Contrary to popular believe, a higher MERV rating is not indicative of quality. Filters that have a high rating may be incredibly efficient in filtering air, they can cause a system to work overtime to draw in air. This can lead to leaks and can also lead to frozen coils especially if your HVAC system is not designed to handle the pressure.

If you do go for a high rated filter, make sure that you change it or clean it as often as possible. Otherwise, the system will have to work with restricted airflow which can lead to damage.

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