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What You Need To Know About Smart HVAC Systems | Heating and Air Condition Service in McKinney, TX

As the name implies, a smart HVAC system comes with automatic controls that improve its performance and make it more intuitive. This allows homeowners more control over how much energy they use so that they can remain on top of their bills and reduce them as well. The heating and air condition service in McKinney, TX you hire will let you know how you can control it using a tablet and your smart phone.

An HVAC that is ‘smart’ contains a ventilation and air supply that is driven by sensors, an optimized compressor and a smart thermostat. A reliable heating and air condition service in McKinney, TX should have no trouble connecting them the way they are meant to be connected to ensure your home’s internal temperature remains at comfortable levels.

Of course, that comfort level will depend on the features of the smart HVAC you ask a heating and air condition service in McKinney, TX to install in your home. Most come with the standard thermostat, app and smart meters. However, some also come with smart sensors that can manage external components of the system along with internal efficiency.

This can lead to a lot of savings down the line even if you are not at home. Just use the app to control how much energy is being used by the system and prevent other family members from tampering with it at the same time. If your HVAC system is ‘smart’ enough it will learn your preferences i.e. how much heat or cold air you want circulating through the house.

That way you won’t have to fiddle with the app or thermostat every day to get the system going. Plus, if the system has been outfitted with smart sensors by a heating and air condition service in McKinney, TX, it can run self sufficiently with little to no influence.

Components That Make A HVAC System ‘Smart’

A heating and air condition service in McKinney, TX can make a HVAC system smarter than it is designed to be. Each system is the sum of its parts after all. Here are some possible additions that can help them do that:

Air Handler and Compressor

The compressor is the electric pump that compresses the coolant or refrigerant. The air handler blows hot or cold air over the heating/cooling coils and this can make the system work overtime unless it has been maintained regularly by a heating and air condition service in McKinney, TX. They do this by optimizing the components so that they don’t use up much energy or work only when they are needed. Some energy suppliers also offer users with profitable programs that give incentives to those who switch off their systems during peak hours.

Smart Air Supply and Ventilation

A smart HVAC system that is installed by a heating and air condition service in McKinney, TX and has this feature directs air where and when it is needed. This is especially beneficial for large office buildings that need intricate ventilation systems designed by engineers. The aim is to ensure each room in a building is comfortable to work in.

However, even a smart HVAC system can break down if there are too many people in the building especially if everyone starts fiddling with the thermostat. While this behavior can be monitored what is difficult to determine is whether the problem lies elsewhere. Even a single blocked vent can do major damage if it is not unblocked and cleaned in time by a heating and air condition service in McKinney, TX.

The best way to make sure neither of these issues crops up is via a HVAC system that works on sensor technology. This allows anyone who is assigned to manage the system to figure out where an issue lies immediately so that it can be taken care of before it does any damage. Failure to do so can lead to expensive repairs and maintenance.

Smart Thermostat

By getting your heating and air condition service in McKinney, TX to install a smart thermostat for your system, you can control it without getting off the sofa. Plus, depending on the unit you get, you may not even have to do that. The thermostat will learn your preferences and make automatic adjustments to the temperature in your home.

However, rather than adjusting the settings yourself, you may need to bring in an auditor first. The reason lies in the fact that how hot the rooms are may not have to do with the external temperature at all. The rooms may get uncomfortable because of latent heat or humidity which can come about if the HVAC system is not maintained regularly by a heating and air condition service in McKinney, TX. This can also result from poor filtration if you haven’t changed or cleaned out the filters for a while.

Plus, the thermostat has to be placed in an appropriate place to work at its full potential. If for instance it is fixed right near stoves in a commercial kitchen, the entire kitchen may remain hot even if the chefs are comfortable. Zoned heating and cooling can take care of this issue though.

If you are searching for a heating and cooling service to come and take a look at a faulty HVAC system look no further than K&S Heating and Air. Their professional and highly trained technicians have over 100 plus collective years of experience under their belts and can take care of any troubleshooting issues and emergency repairs when called on. Plus, they have extensive experience working on a variety of HVAC models. The service is available 24 hours a day and all 7 days of the week.



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