What Does Heating and AC Maintenance Entail | Lewisville, TX

What Does Heating and AC Maintenance Entail | Lewisville, TX

Waking up to a freezing home in the heart of winter can be worrying. Such events remind you of the importance of scheduling for heating and AC maintenance early enough. In Lewisville, TX, it is recommendable to schedule annual maintenance for your HVAC. As mechanical parts, your furnaces and ACs are bound to wear and tear. It is the little maintenance duties like changing a filter, which add years to your system’s lifespan. Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance also involves inspecting the working parts of your furnaces and ACs to ensure everything is in optimal shape and performance. It also includes inspections which can detect issues early and replace worn out parts before they cause major breakdowns. But what do you get when you call for heating and AC maintenance?

The Perks in HVAC Maintenance

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) technicians who visit your home for preventative maintenance will perform checks on all or specific parts of the system depending on your unique needs. The goal of heating and AC maintenance is to ensure your furnaces keep you warm through the coldest winters and ACs take over to cool your home even when it is sweltering outside. Standard heating and AC maintenance involve two main fixtures:

Furnace Maintenance

The furnace is responsible for heating your home during the cold seasons. As such, you should prepare and test your heaters to make sure they are working correctly while it is still mild outside. In Lewisville, TX, the HVAC professional will handle various duties to restore your furnace’s performance to 100%. This includes:

  • Changing Filters

Filters should be changed four times a year, including during the annual maintenance call. You can ask the heating and AC technician to show you how the filters are changed if you want to achieve this on your own.

  • Calibration and Connections

The technician will check whether your thermostat to make sure it is properly calibrated and in sync. They will also inspect all connections and tighten any loose parts, measure voltages and lubricate the moving parts.

  • Inspecting the Condenser

A plugged drain in your furnace or boiler can cause damages. The HVAC technician will inspect the condensate drain and measure humidity in the house to ensure there are no condensation issues. They should also make sure all system controls are working correctly.

AC Maintenance

The AC is responsible for cooling temperatures down when conditions are hot outside. In Lewisville, TX, the maintenance tech sent to your home should handle the following:

  • Clean the Condenser Coil

This is done with pressurized water to remove any dust, grime and particles that have accumulated in your condenser unit. If it is particularly dirty, the HVAC technician may also use chemical cleaning.

  • Thermostat Inspection

The technician will run your thermostat for several minutes at lower temperatures to ensure it reaches the required operating temperatures. They will also take a wet bulb reading and add top up refrigerant if the level has significantly dropped.

  • Superheating and Sub-Cooling Inspection

This inspection is necessary to ensure your heating and AC is charged correctly. They will also adjust motor amperage to make sure it meets the manufacturer’s specifications.

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Services

Based on the inspection, the heating and AC technician will inform you of any places that need repair, replacement or reinforcement. You can request for a quote of all the areas that need repair services before allowing them to work on it. Many maintenance and inspection services can tend to expose faults in your system and catch prospect breakdowns early. However, you should only invest in necessary repair services. If you wish, you can get a second opinion from another technician, but this will cost you more for the extra inspection.

Do You Need HVAC Contractors?

In Texas, you can contact a reputable HVAC company to take care of your heating and AC maintenance. This is particularly recommendable during fall or in preparation for a cold or hot season. You can also get maintenance as a perk if you subscribe to the annual maintenance. At K&S Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer a wide range of heating and cooling services including installations, repair, maintenance, and professional consultancy. You can choose a cover that includes annual or periodic HVAC system inspection and maintenance. While you do not necessarily need an HVAC contract, it is highly recommendable if you want to save more on regular maintenance and repair services.

Choosing a Heating and AC Maintenance Company

There are several HVAC companies so finding one to take care of your system’s repair and maintenance needs is not a daunting task. However, there are several things to consider before contracting any HVAC company. Some of the critical aspects to review include:

  • Customer reviews – Heating and AC technicians that have consistently provided satisfactory quality services will have a positive reputation in the area. You can look up customer reviews and expert ratings or past references for more insights.
  • Local firm – You should choose a credible local HVAC company licensed to serve your area. This makes it easier for follow up and consultancy. It is also easier to find local references when gauging reputation.
  • Quality guarantees – Only contract licensed insured HVAC firms that can guarantee high-quality services. They should also have enough covers to protect your system in case of any damages.
  • Experience and professionalism – Choose long-serving HVAC companies with experienced technicians. The company should also depict professionalism at all levels, including exceptional customer service, sleek user-friendly websites, communication channels and straightforward pricing.

Professional heating and AC Services in Lewisville, TX

At K&S Heating and Air, we specialize in providing heating and AC installations, repair and maintenance services to keep your home comfortable all year round. Our company boast a combined 100+ years of experience and can service all brands of HVAC systems. We offer 24/7 services, including emergency repairs, thermostats, furnaces, boilers, ACs and preventative maintenance. Whether you want to install a new water heater or seek to clean your air ducts in readiness for winter, our HVAC technicians have the skill, experience and equipment needed to meet your goals. You can give us a call today for any inquiries about HVAC services in Lewisville, TX and surrounding areas of Dallas.