Air Conditioning Repair Irving, TX : What HVAC Services You Should Leave to the Pros

Air Conditioning Repair Irving, TX : What HVAC Services You Should Leave to the Pros

While it may be quite tempting to look into a faulty HVAC system yourself, you could end up injuring yourself or possibly worse. A thorough inspection requires experience and skills that only a proficient heating and air conditioning repair service in Irving, TX can do. With our Irving, Texas air conditioner repair services, we can make sure your home is comfortable and safe in no time!

Here are 11 HVAC services that you should leave to the professionals:

HVAC and Air Conditioning Repair Services to Leave to the Pros in Irving, Texas

Checking the Thermostat

Yes you know what those buttons do and have used them to control the HVAC system, but only the pros know how to calibrate it for each season. If your thermostat is a manual unit, chances are that the heating and air conditioning repair experts in Irving, TX will recommend a programmable one and install it for you as well.

Tightening Electrical Connections

If your system has loose connections, it’s a fire hazard period. If you try and tighten them yourself you may cause an electrical fire which can spread fast around your home. A heating and air condition service in Irving, TX will send technicians who know what to look for and will measure the voltage beforehand using special tools.

Lubricating Components

With time, some components in your HVAC system will lose lubrication which can cause them to rub against each other. This can cause the system to overheat and eventually break down. A professional HVAC repair service will have the suitable lubricant that they are proficient in applying to parts that are in need of it. The result will decrease the electricity your system uses which in turn will reduce your energy bill.

Examining the Drain

When the air conditioning or a cooling furnace operates, it produces condensation which collects in a small receptacle. This should drain away in time but in time, the compartment can get algae or sludge which can block the drainage pipe. If usage is high, the pan may actually overflow and leak water all over your lovely carpet and furniture. It can also cause a short in the system which can prove dangerous. To fix the problem, the entire system may have to be taken apart, something which only a skilled heating and air condition service in Irving, TX can do safely and without damaging the unit.

Examining the Controls

An HVAC system runs on a fixed cycle and shut off sequence which may confuse you if you have never worked for a heating and air condition service in Irving, TX. A skilled technician can check the controls to eliminate disruptions in the cycle so that the internal temperature remains consistent.

Blower Maintenance

A blower that does not work properly or breaks down can reduce the efficiency of even a powerful HVAC system by about 15%. A heating and air condition service in Irving, TX has the equipment and the trained personnel to use them to make adjustments to this component to ensure proper air flow.

Cleaning Condenser Coils and Evaporator

Coils that run down or get dirty can reduce the efficiency of a system and force it to use up more energy to run longer. By hiring a heating and air condition service in Irving, TX to clean those coils regularlyyou can ensure this doesn’t happen and that the system lasts longer. If you try and do this yourself, you can damage components that don’t need to be tampered with and risk electrocution to boot.

Examining the Refrigerant

If your AC system was charged too much when it was installed, chances are you are paying for it – literally. An overcharged system can increase your energy bill while an undercharged one can create a leak. While this may not be apparent to an untrained eye, a heating and air condition service in Irving, TX has trained technicians who can detect the problem, fix leaks and even recharge the entire system if need be.

Examining Fuel Connections

Oil and gas connections that are faulty or get lose over time can cause a fire. They can also lead to serious health concerns because if they are left untended for too long, they can generate harmful fumes that can spread through your home via the vents. A heating and air condition service in Irving, TX can ensure this doesn’t happen by sending trained personnel with the tools necessary to tighten those connections. Since they come with safety equipment, they will remain safe from hazards that an untrained and ill equipped home owner may not be.

Checking the Heating Unit

A burner that experiences variable pressure, is damaged or dirty can break down or work inefficiently. Skilled technicians from a heating and air condition service in Irving, TX can clean the burner without damaging it and adjust the pressure if need be which will also reduce your energy bill. They can also replace a cracked burner or recommend a new furnace that can work well with your HVAC system.

Replacing Parts

A typical HVAC filter should be replaced every 30 days or at most every 90 days. However, doing this yourself can lead to issues you may not be skilled enough to tackle especially if you don’t know whether a replacement is a good idea or not. This includes a blown thermostat, evaporator coil or even a faulty motor that has seen better days. Ask a professional service for help replacing the parts with ones that won’t turn on your HVAC system. Plus, they can send someone to calibrate the new components to ensure the system works efficiently.

Professional HVAC Repair and Air Conditioning Repair in Irving, TX

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