Air Conditioners Vs. Fans: Your Sources of Cooling | Air Conditioner Installation in Dallas, TX

Air Conditioners Vs. Fans: Your Sources of Cooling | Air Conditioner Installation in Dallas, TX

Let’s get straight to the reviewing, starting with brief histories of air conditioners and fans.

Air conditioners

It was Willis Carrier who in 1902 invented the air conditioner. According to research that was conducted by a Florida state energy agency, those who would prefer to live without air conditioning amounted only to represent 1 percent to 2 percent of the population. So we can say that many have a preference for air conditioner installation in Dallas, TX in their chosen location. This chosen location can be their home, office, or a place inside the home or office they spend most of their time in.

In the past there was the old window-rattler air conditioner. Those days are long gone, and now we have portable air conditioners, ducted air conditioning systems, central air conditioners, ductless air conditioning systems, and others to choose from for the place we want air conditioner installation in Dallas, TX at. These appliances are capable of providing cooling especially in the summer where temperatures can soar resulting in extreme heat.

Advantages of an air conditioning system include the ability to reduce heat stroke, increase human efficiency, provide a comfortable and peaceful environment, provide relief from the sweltering summer heat that can make you uncomfortable and irritated, the ability to help ward off asthma attacks or attacks related to allergies, and even capability of reducing noise as for proper cooling of the air conditioner you need to have windows and doors closed.

Fans, A Brief History

In places where you won’t find air conditioners to keep cool in the summer, you will usually find fans. Whether it is ceiling fans, table fans, pedestal fans, wall mount fans, box fans, exhaust fans, or any of the others. The fan basically ventilates the air and has been around for a quite a long while. It is said that one of the first models of the fan originated in India and was known as the punkah fan.

It was used in around 500 B.C., where this model reached down from the ceiling and servants called punkawallahs pulled a rope attached to the frame of this model in order to make it move.

Although air conditioner installation in Dallas, TX may be common today, you might still notice people who use fans in their shops, homes, or workplaces for the purpose of getting relief from the heat in other parts of the world.

Air conditioners vs. fans

For some people the cooling provided by a fan is sufficient while there are also others who prefer an air conditioner. Let’s compare the two and take a look at the advantages one has over the other in addition to the disadvantages.

1.    An air conditioner can add to the amount on your electricity bill

If you have air conditioner installation in Dallas, TX, it is possible that you might use it especially in summers where temperatures can increase with the heat. You might also be aware that the more you use an air conditioner, the more money you will have to pay in your electricity bill as they consume electricity in order to function. It is particularly in the extremely hot summer days where air conditioner installation in Dallas, TX comes in handy. It is in that time that air conditioners are usually set on full blast including inside homes, workplaces, etc.

The more pressure put on the air conditioner to cool, which is the case in a heated up environment, the more energy it will require to provide the cooling you need. That is why it is important to position the air conditioner installation in Dallas, TX right and in a place that is appropriate.

You might notice the difference in your energy bills in the summer which is frequently the time when people make use of the air conditioner installation in Dallas, TX for the purpose of cooling. The amount may not be as much if you simply use fans to ventilate the air that is also capable of providing relief from the heat.

2.    Air conditioners can be costly

Air conditioner installation in Dallas, TX not to mention the repair cost and the price of the unit itself depending on what type and model you are looking to buy can put pressure on your wallet. In addition, if you do not have enough money, costs related to installing, repairing, buying, and using an air conditioner can get out of hand and may not seem as affordable.

Comparatively, ceiling fans can run at a supremely low cost. You can even run them for longer for a relatively lower cost than the air conditioner. But the case with fans is that they don’t necessarily cool the space they are installed in like the place where you have air conditioner installation in Dallas, TX for cooling. They just circulate air around the space which results in the indirect cooling of your body.

3.    The air provided by the fan may not reach the whole room

Depending on the size of the room and the size of the fan, unless you are standing directly under the place where your fan is installed you might not be able to avail the air it is providing. Especially if there is a small fan in a large room or a number of small fans in a large room that are not positioned properly to aerate the air. This results in some places to receive the aerated air while others might be left out.

4.    The fan requires less maintenance than the air conditioner

In addition to air conditioner installation in Dallas, TX that can be costly not to mention the unit itself, you might be faced with repairing and maintenance costs. In addition to the costs you might pay to have for it to be serviced. But coming to fans, you might not need that much maintenance or even might not have to pay as much for repair costs as you might for an air conditioner.

5.    Fans may not provide sufficient cooling

As fans basically push air around the room that is capable of cooling your body indirectly, you might find that cooling to be insufficient. Especially if the circulating air is hot and the environment is heated up. In this case an air conditioner installation in Dallas, TX can come in handy and provide the cooling to provide relief from the hot weather.


We looked at two common sources of cooling, namely, air conditioners and fans, and how each one has advantages as well as disadvantages over the other.

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